Cost Reduction – Start By Looking For Game-Changing Opportunities

Cost Reduction

By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip When looking at cost reduction opportunities in an area, you should start by assuming that you can remove 100% of the cost. If that’s not possible, then look at ways to remove 90% of the cost. About More Cost Reduction. If you don’t start ambitiously, you’ll miss some […]

Corporate Social Responsibility In INDIA (Part I Overview)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility In INDIA (Part I Overview) “Corporate social responsibility must not be defined by tax planning strategies alone. Rather, it should be defined within the framework of a corporate philosophy which factors the needs of the community and the regions in which a corporate entity functions. This is part of our cultural heritage. […]

Alex Rotenberg Interview

Global Supply Chain Group - featured image

Alex Rotenberg Interview Outsourcing Logistics 3PLs: What are some of the critical mistakes people make in outsourcing logistics 3Pls? Before asking this question we have to remember that outsourcing is always a strategic decision and when we talk about logistics this make or buy decision is even more complicated. Why is that? How To Own […]

Better Life Cycle Engineering On Supply Chain

Engineering On Supply Chain

Life Cycle Engineering On Supply Chain Advancement in technology and the abundance of raw material has resulted in the increased consumption of products and services leading to increased production and then eventually, increased waste products. All these activities have a toll on the environment. About More On Supply Chain Organizations are producing more and users […]

A Company Case Study – Better Learning

Company Case Study

By – Stuart Emmett Note:  Stuart Emmett co-operated with our very own Vivek Sood to co-write the book GREEN SUPPLY CHAINS – AN ACTION MANIFESTO. This book was one of the first books in the world on the topic of Green Supply Chains, and as such is used in Universities around the world for executive […]

Better Environment Friendly Supply Chains : How Green Is Your Supply Chain ?

Green Is Your Supply Chain

It is generally accepted that environmental consciousness is now changing to environmental pro-activeness as organizations are discovering that it makes good commercial sense. Boards are asking the management to review their policies related to environmental norms, not only to bolster their corporate social responsibility aims, but also because consumers are asking for it. It is […]

Why Is The Newest Supply Chain Model So Famous?

Newest Supply Chain Model

The History of the Newest Supply Chain Model In the traditional business world, relations between organizations were different from what they are today. Collaboration between organizations – if there was collaboration – was used to follow a linear model. In fact, when several organisations had to collaborate, they used to do it through a very […]

Why Are Software Development Estimates Regularly Off By a Factor 2-3 Times?

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About More Software Development Estimates Reblogged from Startup Answers: (written by Michael Wolfe) Map Let’s take a hike on the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles to visit our friends in Newport Beach. I’ll whip out my map and draw our route down the coast: The History of Software Development Estimates. The line is […]