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What Happens When You Rename your Logistics Department As The Supply Chain Group Without Corresponding Skills Upgrade?

As the concept of supply chain management became increasingly popular in the mid 2000’s or so, many companies renamed their transportation departments as supply chain management ‘department’. This happened without understanding the difference between the two activities – where transportation department carries out an essential function role while the supply chain team carries out the

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Can You Get Unique Competitive Advantage From Off-The-Shelf Supply Chain Software?

Supply chain software companies are not the only ones who encourage the thinking that somehow getting a bunch of off-the-shelf software will put your company in a unique position to earn miraculous margin. There are many others – vendors of implementation services, reports and vendors of magic quadrants and potions who set a very high expectations.People

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Why Do We Need A Transport Management System (TMS)?

If you already have experience with TMS and other assorted SCM systems this blogpost is not for you.But a lot of my readers do not have such experience. They fall in one of the three categories below:They are novices who do not know much about anything in SCM and are trying to learn about the

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Popular Approaches for Transport Optimisation

The purpose of this blog post is simple.I will explain Some Of The Most Popular Algorithms, Methods And Heuristics Of Transportation OptimisationHere are some of the most popular terms that you will hear when talking to the experts about transportation optimisation:Geotagging: Without knowing the exact location of the source and destination of a particular movement, it

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Do Not Waste Your Money on Transportation Management System (TMS) Unless You Do This First

On the face of it, thinking logically, there is only one drive for transportation management systems – reducing costs. That is why there is a common assumption that no matter what TMS you choose, you will come ahead with savings. The system is expected to pay for itself within a few years, if not months. These

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Three Dimensions of Transportation Optimisation

Transportation optimisation is an important part of a good transportation management system (TMS).  When assessing transportation optimisation capability of a TMS, most people still have to think deeply about what exactly is being optimised, and to get what result. The reason is simple – few, if any, vendors provider a three dimensional optimisation function for transportation. Whether

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