The power of preparation

The power of preparation






January 8, 2019

When implementing a new Information Technology system, companies often neglect the preparation step and the story always ends with failures. Indeed, the lack of preparation is the first mistake to avoid. Preparation is the basis of the entire implementation process. Your results will depend on how you prepare this new IT system implementation. Most mistakes occurring during the implementation and after are, first of all, due to the lack of preparation. If you prepare your process enough, many mistakes will be avoided. First of all, when they decide to carry out a new IT system, companies often neglect the collateral changes. A new IT system involves changes of organization and management in the company. These changes are often hold as secondary during the implementation phase. Most companies realize it far too late to be able to repair the mistake. That is the reason why preparation is crucial. It is the step that will include anticipation of future changes. Indeed, many changes have to be anticipated, like how warehouse management will change, as well as logistics management, for example. New procedures should be thought in order to improve IT system management in the company. Here are some changes that need to be examined and prepared: local requirements, human capital practices, employee alignment, communication changes, etc. Besides, the lack of preparation is also the cause of the improper budgeting process. In effect, companies usually underestimate the cost and time of the implementation of a new IT system in their organization. For this reason, the expected results are not achieved. ROI calculation is also often wrong and the results do not compensate the cost of implementation. All this leads them to budget overruns. This is the reason why preparation is essential. Indeed, thanks to preparation, companies can expect several possible scenarios and imagine different solutions to apply if one of these actually occurs during or after the implementation process. Consequently, preparation will help avoid many mistakes and forecast solutions for unavoidable issues. The cornerstone of preparation is, obviously, information. Then, what is most important is first to collect enough data to be able to make an analysis before implementing any new system. Data collection takes time but it is crucial to be able to achieve the expected results. Therefore, companies should take any necessary measures to collect the maximum data, which will enable them to make the essential analysis. Indeed, they must analyze the possibilities, according to the requirements, then rate number of suppliers available, as well as their proposals. Preparation is also important in the provider choice of course because they need to focus on long-term and sustainable relationships. Preparation is essential for all the areas that can be concerned and affected by the implementation of a new IT system. These areas can be about labor, law, prices, functioning, providers, contracts, skills, investment priorities, competitors, etc. Vivek Sood insists on this point in his book The 5-STAR Business Network (, and this topic will be even more analyses in his next book Outsource, Outsmart, Outprofit. Thus, preparation is the first step and although you may think it is not part of the project itself, it actually is. Besides, it will determine the entire following and the results of the project. Then, you must not neglect this point and make sure that everything was thought deeply before implementing a new IT system in your organization. by Anais Lelong

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  • Yeah! It’s time to prepare for bigger things! It’s time for us to know there’s power in preparation! very interesting, good job and thanks for sharing such a good blog.

  • Some Points Powerfully Written For your blog post Mr.sood

    Every sudden event is a product of long-term preparation.

    Every emerging star had taken time to prepare.

    It doesn’t take time to manifest but it takes time to prepare.

    You cannot miss your manifestation if you have observed the time of preparation.

    It is those who have paid their due in preparation that becomes due for manifestation.

    It is those who are future-minded that prepare.

    To arrive at your future, prepare today.

    God reckons with your preparation to determine your placement.

    The pain of preparation will always end in the gains of manifestation.

    Preparation demands discipline that is, self-denial, sacrifice, restrains etc.

    You will be tested to be trusted, tried to triumph and proved to be approved.

    Preparation is a time of the test, God won’t protect you unless He has prepared you.

    Get engaged in preparing yourself today for a sure tomorrow

  • In our different endeavors, be it related to IT field, in small size business, or in large sized business; it is important that we adequately prepare for things we set out to do. How have you been preparing; for that course, you want to take? For that new product, you want to launch? For that business, you want to start? Likewise, it is important to prepare for those things we are hoping for. How far have you prepared for those things you are hoping for next year? How far have you prepared for your goals, dreams, and plans? In addition, it is important to ask yourself if you have anything put in place for that goal you hope to achieve in let’s say 3 to 4 months’ time. Preparation is sometimes overlooked, and this shouldn’t be so, because preparation is one of the important things we need to do when planning or looking forward to something. Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. For instance, if you are hoping to write a book in 2019, how are you preparing for that book now? Do you already have an idea as to the kind of book it will be, the length, the way you want to write it? What about the timetable stating how you will write the book? Will you write on a daily or weekly basis?

  • Remarkable article on the importance of preparation. Preparation can be learned. Preparation is a skill that can be learned and which, with discipline and experience, improves over time. For some, planning and preparation may come naturally but for others, they invariably prefer to meet and deal with challenges and problems as they arise. The difference between being reactive and proactive is preparation. And the advantage of the preparation is that you can manage problems more quickly and more efficiently because you will already have the solutions at hand ready to be implemented. Preparation helps in understanding those things that you need to do. When you prepare well, you have an understanding of several things that are needed for a particular goal or course of action. With these, you are able to identify some significant things to modify or replace.

  • One of the first steps of preparing for the future is developing a strong business plan. Take a company like Google, for example. It is one of the most successful companies in the world even though its attempts to compete with Facebook by creating social networking apps like Google+ have not been extremely successful, among other business ventures that have failed as well. Google thrives because the company has continuously invested in innovation and research, preparing themselves for the future. So it seems that great companies don’t rush to adapt with current times, because they are the ones who are preparing for and developing the future.

  • Wonderful article Vivek. Preparation in business is important. But wait until you have the time to do it. However, business preparation, whether simple or complex, help you properly manage your company and overcome many markets and operating challenges. Preparing to prepare is often the most important single component in effective business preparation and planning. Spending thoughtful time preparing to create your plan, identifying goals, stating objectives, evaluating processes, and considering your “mission” or purpose for your company, will result in a tightly focused plan. For those of you believing business preparation to be a daunting task, proper planning greatly simplifies the process.

  • How is it possible that the richest owned more wealth than the rest of the human race? Perhaps they are all entrepreneurs in their respective endeavors. If they are entrepreneurs, are the rest of the world onlookers? Certainly not. Then what truly sets these individuals apart from the rest of the world? Like you, I was quite puzzled by the scenario where a few occupy the top position in the world income distribution. Not for long though. I discovered that successful people understand how to prepare for great opportunities. Opportunities are all around us but we can only access them in our preparation room.

  • How good are you at being prepared? Are you extremely self-disciplined and ready for every contingency or are you more of a go with the flow type and consider being prepared as a useless concept? When we routinely prepare ourselves for predictable or unexpected events in our lives, we enhance our own self-discipline. In my opinion, self-discipline is one of the foundations of living a happy life. The act of becoming prepared means that we discipline ourselves to make the time to prepare. We get over the feeling of “I don’t feel like doing this now” we put off procrastination, we dump the excuses and we become mindful with what we are doing and ourselves. Preparation is important in personal life too. Like, if you are preparing for that meeting, vacation, or dinner with a friend you are having an internal dialogue with yourself. You may be thinking of the meeting agenda, or the presentation you have to give, you may be thinking of what you need to prepare for your vacation all the tasks you need to complete, what to pack in your suitcase, check your travel insurance. So, preparation is everywhere.

  • The success is born when preparation meets opportunity. It is fair to say that the few percent richest are entrepreneurs who can see through the lens of time, the need, and aspiration of the human race. Their achievements did not happen by chance. They all labored as you have strenuously pushed to be here in this world. Opportunity is created daily and it’s all around us. Yet, only a few are able to seize it and turn it into a blessing. Mark Zuckerberg saw the need for social interaction and created Facebook. The likes of Amazon and eBay jumped on the need for online retail outlets and today they are successful. The early men saw the need for light and they endlessly sought to create fire. Truly, an opportunity is the daily creation of the human race and it’s wrapped up in our needs and value system.

  • In the business world today, being prepared is key. Amidst the heavy competition and new companies constantly springing up in the global marketplace, businesses must be prepared and always have a plan B in order to stay afloat. Being prepared could mean anything from having a business plan to having a back-up plan if something were to go wrong. A business plan sets a pathway for your business’s future and provides guidelines to move in the right direction. Of course, businesses must continuously adapt to changing times, but companies must also be prepared for those times. Small businesses drive our economy but only around half survive their first five years. Many of these companies fail simply because they are not prepared for the future. Being prepared for success, failure, and any other challenge your company may face can set you apart from the rest.

  • Preparation is key for me, as it is for all professionals. The more complex the task, the higher the degree of strategic thinking is required. None of us is born master strategic thinkers; it’s a skill that is born through practice and experience. Regardless of what you are preparing for, you can hone this skill. Unbelievably as you look out your window each day before you dress, your brain has already thought a thousand strategic thoughts in preparation for getting you to your destination appropriately clothed, dry, on time and in one piece. We may not always recognize our thoughts as being strategic but each act of preparation is honing these skills. Prepa­ra­tion isn’t all about to see ­in how fast you can get a job done. It’s more impor­tant to focus on doing it efficiently.

  • In business, it is to have contingency plans in place for when things go wrong. But, conversely, are you prepared for growth and success? What if it turns out your positive expectations were too conservative? What if an unexpected celebrity endorsement sends a demand for your product soaring? On a more practical, and likely, note, as the economy shows signs of turning around, are you ready for what that will mean for your operation? To prepare for something, you have to know what it is and how you’ll recognize it. Growth is more than just hitting a set of numbers; it’s a package that includes changes to your company in terms of operations, production, staffing, and facilities. In addition, think about what growth means to you personally. What will your life be like when your company grows and profits increase? How hard are you going to have to work? Are you ready and willing to do what it takes?

  • Successfully solving a problem in one hour is clearly preferable to having to maybe expend two, or even three hours upon dealing with it. An appropriate analogy might be tackling a fire in a warehouse. If there was a professional fire crew ready for action at a few moments notice, to be on site with fire-fighting equipment and water without delay, then valuable stock, and possibly also life, could be saved. Contrast this scenario with an unprepared fire crew who might take an hour to get to the site to then find they had no access to water. Thousands of dollars’ worth of stock could have been destroyed, unnecessarily. One of the keys to delivering a great presentation is preparation and, as a public speaker, I know that only too well. There are many issues that I need to take into consideration before I walk on stage, the audience profile, their level of experience and knowledge base, their expectations, details of the venue where the event is due to take place. As a speaker, I need answers to these questions and many others before I even start to prepare the content of the presentation.

  • Preparation is key for all professionals. Adequate preparation is not always fun and many of us do not look forward to doing it. It can often appear to be boring and uninteresting, particularly to those who love the buzz of spontaneity. However, it can prove to be one of the most valuable skills that you can master in avoiding the build-up of stress and anxiety as the deadline dates approach. A large part of your working day probably entails dealing with and managing, problems as they arise, a proportion of which may be completely unexpected leaving you the responsibility of reacting to them, unprepared. Of course, if a problem comes along that has been unforeseen, and then it may be prudent to think about whether it could have been anticipated rather than having been caught unawares.

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