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Thomas Wiedmann

Thomas has more than 20 years experience in international operations and supply chains. He set personal focus on global supply chains and logistics 10 years ago and has grown into an industry leader in this field.   He has held leadership positions in global and european organizations, ranging from several interim-CEO assignments to supply chain change leadership positions during periods of intense organizational development. His specialization is in creating outstanding results through combined application of practical supply chain insights and appropriate supply chain technology.   His projects have targeted optimization of the key organizations elements – processes supported by appropriate technology and change management principles. Based on his experience, Thomas has developed his “best value-concept” as a trademark which is recognized as an industry standard and is now being applied across the globe.

Some selected projects where Thomas has managed included the following:

Supply Chain Management optimization
  • ABB
  • Ritter
  • Cherry etc.
Logistics development
  • Development and Implementation of 3PL and LSP concepts
  • Supply Chain Security and Risk Management
Assessments and development in Supplier Relationship Management
  • Process industry – Food and Beverage
Assessments and development in Customer Relationship Management
  • Finance Industry
Assessments in Enterprise Risk Management
  • Consumer products industry
  • Investments in East Europe

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