What is The Best Training in Supply Chain Management?

What is The Best Training in Supply Chain Management?


Shyam Soni




April 1, 2021

Training has become the norm for a variety of reasons.

But before we go into those, let me first state that on-the-job training is THE BEST way of training any professional in supply chain, provided

  1. the trainer is fully vested in the process,
  2. is a capable practitioner at the right level, and
  3. takes the pain to provide work that created opportunities for learning.

At the same time, the trainee needs to be even more vested in the process and take all the opportunities with both hands and move positively. 

Generally, most big companies do not have all these ideal conditions for On the job training

In fact, people do not want to train their own replacements fearing for their jobs.

Moreover, the capability set is mostly outdated because supply chains evolve by an entire generation every ten years. 

Universities do you cut the mustard either

Now combine these facts with the situation where many universities have become degree factories focusing on the certification rather than on the learning and you are left with half mature raw workforce coming in with very high opinion of their capabilities and low ability and willingness to absorb new material readily - and you have a recipe for disaster if you relied solely upon on-the-job training.

That is why you need off-the-job training that is relevant, interesting, entertaining, engaging, topical and frequent. Look for our courses in supply chain gamification as an example of such training. Or send us an email on info@globalscgroup.com 

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Shyam Soni

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