Which jobs or careers will grow in value and demand in the wake of COVID-19?

Which jobs or careers will grow in value and demand in the wake of COVID-19?


Vivek Sood




May 29, 2020

I was asked another very interesting question on Quora by a reader Benjamin Myer. I think the question merited some discussion and attention. 

Below is my response to this question. 

I read many other answers to similar questions with interest. Most people think that health-related jobs will increase - which is plausible. 

Health sector in developed countries will go through a revolution in the next ten years. 

However, most developed countries will undergo a bigger change in their health sector, because due to powerful economic and social changes they will have to open up their health personnel supply chains to the forces of globalisation. 

In the wake of COVID-19 virus and its global response, it is becoming nearly impossible to hold up the fiction that a well-trained doctor or nurse in USA or Australia, or Canada, or the UK is any better than their counterparts in India, or the Philippines or Eastern Europe.

The medical associations in many of the countries will struggle to act as unions who shut out anyone from outside and artificially prop up the prices by maintaining scarcity.

A similar revolution happened for sea captains (and other maritime personnel) in 1980's and for airlines pilots a short while later. In other supply chains, including that of medical personnel, the fundamental forces of nature will eventually triumph. COVID-19 crisis will be merely a catalyst to hasten the change. 

Supply chain sector in all countries is going through a revolution right now. 

On the other hand, well trained global supply chain professionals are already in very high demand as the importance of supply chain is brought home to struggling companies in the face of volatile demand and supply.

Here is the model I recently created to explain this in more detail:

For those in the know, this model and its seven key underpinnings are self-explanatory.

For the more curious and novices, it will take a long time to understand the trends and their full implications - the best way is to refer to our courses and guides - “Everything You Wanted To Know About a Supply Chain Career” or “Powerful Supply Chains, Powerful Corporations, Powerful Careers”. 

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Vivek Sood

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