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Purpose Of This Page

The purpose of this current page is to help you answer the bigger question – ‘who, in the companies that we work for, is our real customer in each case?’ In real terms – whether you are a Chairman, a CEO, a CFO, a university professor, or a student – you would want to know where others in similar roles have used our ideas and services, and how have they benefited from them. No one wants to be the first person to try out a concept. That is understandable. The entire idea of Supply chain management was still a relatively unknown concept when we started this company in the year 2000. We do not take any credit for the success of the concept itself – that credit goes to the power of the concept. Nearly 700 articles and information pages on this website, on LinkedIn, in magazines and journals, as well as our four seminal books merely point to our small role in this entire process. The truth is that it is impossible to keep track of ideas once they are out in the world. They acquire a life of their own – for example, who would have thought that our book GREEN SUPPLY CHAINS – AN ACTION MANIFESTO would be downloaded from torrent sites for free so many times?

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Ideas Acquire A Life Of Their Own In The Real World

We are always gratified to see one of our books being prescribed as the sole text or preferred text for a college course. However, when one employee reported that he noticed this very same book was almost completely copied in the course content of another university’s executive education course, run over an entire weekend and costing several thousand dollars per head, we were left mystified about the capability of the persons who created and ran that course.


  • Of course, a large number of people who use our ideas in their work attribute and acknowledge our contribution to their success. Academic citations sometimes attribute meanings to our writings that were never intended in the first place.
  • With a social media following of over 50,000 highly qualified professionals in all part of the world, we get emails and communications about new applications and their experiences of our books, reports, and ideas all the time.
  • We have noticed that our key customers fall into four broad categories or levels within the global corporations that we primarily work on.
  • In the rest of this page we want to acknowledge their role in the outstanding success of their corporations’ supply chains, and of supply chains in general.

4 Categories Of Key Customers

The first category of our key customers are Chairpersons and board directors. They hear of our work from their peers, popular press or read one of our books, or articles or see something about us on the social media.

Irrespective of how they hear about us, at some stage they get a strong motivation to explore the full power of supply chains for enhancing the profitability of their corporations.

They also want to know what are different ways of acquiring and using our relevant ideas for that purpose – so they can make up their minds about whether it is advisable to do so, or not.

If you fall in this category – you can explore relevant material here.

The second category of our key customers are the CEOs of these global corporations.

They have either seen us in action in one of our projects when they were climbing the corporate ladder, or were actively aided by our projects during that journey.

Many others have access to our confidential reports and books and like our methods and capabilities. Still others have asked their peers or executive groups for recommendations and have come across our credentials in that manner.

They share motivation to take their supply chains from good to GREAT once they become convinced that the engine and motive force of modern corporation is located within its supply chain.

If you fall in this category – you can explore relevant material here.

The third category of our key customers are C-Level executives who are close to the core decision making process within their companies.

They may not be the final decision makers for the projects and consultants, but they hugely influence the decisions because, among the core decision makers, they are the closest to the action.

If you fall in this category – you can explore relevant material here.

The fourth category of our key customers are managers and analysts – primarily working within the supply chain arena within their corporations.

This group spends the most time on our website, and avidly read our tips and suggestions on improving supply chains. Their motivation is to improve their supply chains and their own career prospects.

We help them in this journey and eventually many of them end up in the other three categories. Their testimonials on our websites and books provide us impetus to do more for them.

If you fall in this category – you can explore relevant material here.

The fifth and final category of our key consumers are academics and their students. A sizable number of them peek into these pages and our other writings to get an unvarnished, real world perspectives on supply chain.

There is no doubt that supply chain was born and brought up in the real world of business affairs. It was always a practical discipline.

Sadly, most academics – even those in the highest and most august universities depend entirely on second or third hand experiences to form any kind of theoretical underpinning to supply chain. There is no surprise that a scant handful of revolutionary supply chain ideas have emerged out of academia – and even they came from practitioners who moved into academia.

When I studied for my MBA in 1995 there was, to the best of my knowledge, not a single course in supply chain management in the entire world. Today, almost every MBA course, and many other masters and bachelors courses incorporate supply chain management specialisation.

The number of students and academics continue to grow exponentially – though I find that when they come into the real business world, they have to be almost completely retrained.

We help them in this journey and eventually many of them end up in the other four categories above.

If you fall in this category – you can explore some relevant material here.

If You Still Have Questions

Explore the rest of these pages to find out the answers to your other questions. Whether you fall into one of the five categories listed above, or you are a unique category of your own, it is worth sharing your thoughts with us.

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