What Does global supply chain group Do?

Accomplished architects build cathedrals, grand monuments and great buildings. We build great supply chains, and refurbish good supply chains to great.  This is an equally worthwhile effort - for the world, for society, and for us. 

Take a quick example - think about an outstanding corporation's global supply chain giving livelihood to several million people. It affords immense joy to over a billion people. To keep it humming like a combination of a finely tuned orchestra, a Swiss watch and a vast school of fish we had to remove hundreds of choke points. Some of these choke points are massive, while other keep shifting constantly.  We make sure we do not create new choke points. We anticipate, and prevent future choke points. It is a complex job - a combination of art and science.

For the last 19 years that is what our company has been doing for our clients. Arguably, we have the world's best team that does this work.  Now, we also teach our clients to do this work for themselves.


What Makes global supply chain group Unique?

We are arguably one of world's first top tier strategy house focused entirely on the art of supply chain management. Since January 2000, our supply chain pioneers and thought leaders have focused and  powered business transformations in blue chip corporations, using B2B networks and eco-systems.

Our key differentiation is that we achieve better results, with smaller teams - due to undivided attention of world's best experts in our field. Today we carefully choose projects to continue enhancing our thought leadership in supply chains.

Since Our Start In January 2000, in

We Have Done a Few Things













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