“Kindness Is The Language Which The Deaf Can Hear And The Blind Can See.”

What Is Corporate Responsibility?

What Is Corporate Responsibility?
Why We Are Doing It?
What We Have Contributed?
How You Can Participate

Corporate Responsibility is not a jargon, a fad or worse, a Public Relations tactic. Without having a heart in practicing sustainable business, we could easily lose the will to carry on or become selfish supply chains without even realising it.

Corporate Responsibility propels us to go further, to become greater because “greatness is measured by kindness”. And kindness can be towards your employees, your suppliers, your communities and your fellow humans around the world.

Translated into business language, that would mean having Environmentally Responsible Supply Chain – Sustainable for the globe and Socially Responsible Supply Chain – Sustainable for the community.

Why We Are Doing It?

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Corporate Responsibility pays off big dividends in terms of community goodwill resulting in more sales, better employee pool, respectful supply chain partners, attentive government officials, and motivated employees with a sense of purpose. What would you rather be – an exploitative company with “the law of jungle mentality” or a respected global citizen?

What We Have Contributed?

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  • Green Supply Chain Award-We sponsored the Green Supply Chain award for several years.
  • Pro-bono appearances – At Green Supply Chain conferences, workshops, and events in China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia.
  • Vivek Sood has been a pro-bono lecturer for the Global Leaders course run by WWF as well as served for 6 years as a member of the Advisory Board of Supply Chain Asia.
  • Publication – We co-produced the book “Green Supply Chains: An Action Manifesto” in 2009.
  • Sponsorship – We sponsored Special Olympics Australia National Games in 2014
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Keep an eye out for causes and events that require the big hands of business, whether in terms of financial support or spreading awareness. For more impact and internal enthusiasm, seek causes whose values align with your corporate culture.

Think and come up with an answer to the question: “What would you like to leave for your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on?”

Apart from community building and environmental protection, attend to parties or people that are closest to you, such as employees, colleagues or partners.

Stay updated with best practices in sustainable supply chains. Our blog can provide you with this information from time to time.

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