Competitive Cost Leadership Driven by Supply chain Efficiency

Then, what is the purpose of this supply chain course? Why do we still continue to run it year after year?

more efficient and cost competitive. 

By now, almost everyone, even the luddites would know that better supply chain management can make a company more efficient and cost competitive. 

The reason is simple – supply chain techniques keep advancing. With the technology and methods that are available today, you can achieve a much higher level of optimization and integration than you could achieve even five years ago. So the first thing we would discuss in this course is about how every few years cutting edge methods in supply chains changed in the past four decades.

We will also discuss how to diagnose where your company is located on the continuum of the supply chain evolution.

Next issue to consider is the risk-reward trade-off in cost reduction projects. How to minimise the risk and maximise the potential rewards using the best knowledge of supply chain cost reduction available today?

The following figure may already get you started on the right path. 




Here are the key takeaways for the participants:

  • A solid list of supply chain cost reduction that you could start assessing in your own company from the very next day.
  • Full understanding of how to take cost reduction to the next level – even when it appears that all available opportunities have already been taken.
  • What to do when your staff tell you that there is no further room for cost reduction?
  • How to put the cost reduction program into the next gear?
  • How to use “Theory of Constraints” to generate new cost reduction ideas?
  • Role of technology in cost reduction?
  • How to assess the level of optimisation of your supply chain? How to achieve better optimisation in supply chain?
  • How to assess the level of integration of your supply chain? Where to focus your integration effort in supply chain to yield better cost structures?
  • How to run a cost reduction program?
  • How to make sure you always overdeliver on your cost reduction targets?
  • How to make sure that your team is on board with the cost reduction targets and projects?

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