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CFOs control the fortunes of the company, while supply chains make the fortunes of the company. Their jobs are closely intertwined.

Better the supply chain mastery within the company, the better the company’s fortunes. That is why a higher level of supply chain sophistication is always more profitable – so long as the company can cope with the sophistication.


Source: The 5-Star Business Network

Essence of taking control is asking good questions. When it comes to key financial metrics such as cash-to-cash cycles, most CFOs are already in the driving seat.

Yet, somewhere between the financial metrics, and operational KPIs, they lose traction and sometimes credibility in front of the board.

  • Why does this happen?
  •  What are some of the better questions to ask?

The table below lists some of the key questions in the first column. The answers will help CFOs decide where to focus the energies of their finance teams and the entire organisation.

For CFOs – What Questions Are Useful To Ask?

CFO – The Key Questions

For reasons of confidentiality, the information in the last three columns is not entirely visible – but it can made selectively available to CFOs and senior finance personnel by contacting us.


Your company is likely to be already as close to excellent in finance and accounting as is possible.

Yet all this financial nous does not automatically translate into profits.


What is the reason for the GAP?

How can CFOs and finance professionals add even more strategic value to their corporations?

Let us look at the big picture.

What Sets CFOs Apart?

There is something that sets you apart from your peers.

As per a rough estimate, out of 150 personnel who enter as finance professionals only one makes it to the apex.

Functional excellence, dedication to your craft and a strategic mind-set sets you apart from the others. It is not an easy journey. In fact quite the contrary.  

But, those who reach lofty heights rarely rest on their laurels for too long.  You know that nothing stands still for too long.

There is, however, an ironical conundrum.  What got you here, will rarely take you much further.



Functional excellence is not sufficient. Even strategic thinking is not. If you want more evidence of this, read pages 14-16 in this extract.

Cross-functional integration separates those who are favoured by the boards. Supply Chain 3.0 matters to CFOs. Here is why.

Tactical Planning

Why You Should Get This Special Report?

CFOs are perfectly positioned to translate today’s intense pressure into profitable opportunities tomorrow. Supply Chains and business networks are neat tools to make that transformation.

The question ‘‘How do I get this done?’’ is exactly what is addressed in this special report.

This is a part of our intellectual property armory that can be deployed to win your business transformation success.

As with any product of our supply chain know-how, you can be sure of the quality distilled from over 400 successful projects and decades of experience laying out Supply Chains for CFOs.

More specifically, you will explore in this special report:

  •  What lies beyond cost-to-serve accounting systems
  •  Why timeliness of information is so important
  •  How Supply Chain 3.0 can improve your company’s cash position
  •  How it can also give you a sustainable path and smooth out earnings in volatile times
  •  And many more insights from our supply chain veteran with a sound finance background
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What Is The Catch?

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There is basically no catch. Why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a strategy project with a top-tier branded firm when for a fraction of the price you can get the key insights to use in your own business?

The report will be sent to you via an express courier (we have accommodated requests for soft PDF copy in the past, and can do so in some circumstances).

Standard copyright conventions apply. But it is a one-time payment that covers all future updates (roughly every 18 months) to the document as we keep adapting to business trends.

Want To Know More?


Every strategic and operational decision taken in a supply chain has financial implications.

Streamlining your supply chain impacts directly on the overall profitability of your company.

Here are some questions to uncover the impact of supply chains on finance.

Let us help you find a solution to the gap between planning and results.

CFOs are positioned to translate intense pressure into profitable opportunities. The question ‘‘How do I start?’’ is exactly what we address in this special report.