This section has the influential and thought provoking research papers, white papers, journal articles on Supply Chain Management and Improvements. With blogs becoming a primary vehicle of communication after 2010, this section showcases many classic articles written by our people between 2000 and 2009.


March 2010
Reasons Why Strategies Fail This article, published in the March/April 2010 issue of the Materials Handling and Distribution magazines talks about the strategist -implementor divide. 
March 2010
Green Supply Chain Workshop This is a brochure for the green supply chain workshops held by Global Supply Chain Group from time to time.
February 2010
Myths Of Logistics Outsourcing This article – published in Materials Handling and Distribution Journal in January 2010 explodes several dangerous myths prevalent in the logistics outsourcing circles.
November 2009
Six Reasons Why Supply Chain Strategies Fail In this published article, Vivek Sood reveals and discusses the common factors that cause supply chain strategies to fail. Despite corporations spending billions of dollars each year on strategy formulations and implementation, the shortfall in execution remains staggering. In this published article, Vivek Sood reveals and discusses the common factors that cause supply chain strategies to fail – and what to do about it.
May 2009
Supply Chain Leadership in Tough Times What do Gandhi, Winston Churchill, FDR, Deng Xiao Ping, Bismarck, and Abraham Lincoln have in common? Despite the differences in times, places and circumstances, each of these took a large and divided group of people staring despondently into an abyss and –– with gritty determination, inspiration and pragmatism –– steered them to relative safety and prosperity. These were true leaders for tough times. In this published article Vivek Sood discusses how Supply Chain Leadership can saving corporations from the impending global financial and economic crisis.
July 2008
Lining up the planets in your favour – How to make supply meet demand? Vivek Sood and Tony Fedorowicz of the Global Supply Chain Group outline the basics of Intelligent Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). No demand forecast is perfect and no supply system is capable of meeting all the demand perfectly all the time. S&OP brings together two disparate but essential mechanisms to look at an even bigger picture. 
May 2008
Demand is from Mars, Supply is from Venus and S & OP is from Pluto This article, published in May 2008 and written by Vivek Sood and Tony Fedorowicz looks at why the Sales and Operations Planning Process (S & OP) at most organisations is set-up for failure. In a second article in this series the authors look at what must be done to make S & OP process successful.
March 2008
How Green is Your Supply Chain? In this article, published in March 2008, authors Vivek Sood and Tony Fedorowicz ask five fundamental questions that every environmentally aware CEO and board need to ask about their organisation and its Supply Chain.
February 2008
Maximising the power of your Supply Chain In this articles published in Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (AVSO) Journal, Tony Fedorowicz, then the General Manager of Global Supply Chain Group explains the basic fundamentals of Supply Chains as they apply to the wine industry. Further, he details how the industry can benefit immensely by maximising the power of its Supply Chain.
August 2006
The New Supply Chain Parameters in Europe Print Version In this keynote speech, Dr. Wolfgang Partsch, senior partner of Global Supply Chain Group details the emerging Supply Chain Parameters in European Supply Chains.
June 2006
Six Sigma Supply Chains We have now arrived at the time in history where Six Sigma methodology needs to be widely adapted and adopted for supply chain management. This article outlines a very detailed and rigorous approach that is required for this purpose. The benefits for end-to-end supply chains are immense. This defines the major difference between the supply chain winners and the supply chain followers. With potential savings of 3% to 12% of the total revenues the effort will prove to be highly rewarding and well worth the investment.
April 2006
The Next Level in Global Supply Chains This article discusses the three C’s of the supply chains. Removing these three C’s – Complexity, Congestion and Costs – can take any organisation to the next level in their quest for Supply Chain Excellence.
March 2006
Banking and Shipping – An Interesting Parallel This article draws an interesting parallel between the banking industry of the yesteryear and the shipping industry of today. In terms of their sophistication, risk management practices and trading profile – there is tremendous amount of parallel. The outcomes may likely mirror each other too!
February 2006
Shipping Industry – New Money, New Tunes This articles discusses new sources of finance in the global shipping industry driving new agenda. What are the likely effects and outcomes?
January 2006
The Creative Tension in Global Supply Chains Inherent in the changing landscape of global supply chains are two forces driving consolidation and modularisation. What does it mean to your business?
December 2005
Supply Chain Tower of Babel The language of Supply Chain Management is still being formed. It is likely to evolve more. Why is this important to you and your business?
November 2005
The Coming Modularisation of the Global Supply Chains Increasing commoditisation of supply chains services, processes, and infrastructure will lead to modularisation and rate collapse during the next crash. Search for newer sources of competitive advantage will lead greater outsourcing and further modularisation. 
June 2005
Australian Logistics Industry – A Comprehensive Review A comprehensive review and survey of the Australian Logistics scene.
December 2004
Shipping and Strategy – Are They Poles Apart The trader and gambling mentality in global shipping industry does not lend itself well to strategy formulation and implementation. Why this will eventually lead to a massive surplus of new ships and rate collapse? What to do about this?
November 2004
Seven Sins of Supply Chain Transformations Supply Chain transformations are the flavour of the month. However, like all bandwagons, this one getting crowded too. And the people paying lip service are discovering pitfalls of not doing things well! 
October 2004
Winning Supply Chains When it comes to Supply Chains, the difference between the winners and the losers is very small. Just a handful of things make all the difference.
September 2004
ABC of Supply Chain Transformations This article – based on a Harvard Business Review published letter from the writer traces the essential primary tools required to achieve a successful transformations in Supply Chains. It cuts through the usual academic platitudes in order to go deeper into understanding business dynamics prior to effecting change.

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