The SEF 2 or Suppliers Exchange Forum was a premier event in Central American calendar attended by more than 800 participants, exhibitors and speakers. The event was opened by the Foreign Trade Minister of Costa Rica , Mr. Marco Vinicio Ruiz, who stressed importance of international trade for peace and prosperity.

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The event was televised and broadcast live to more than 2,000 participants in 10 universities and other locations in Central, North and South America . 16 speakers representing perspectives from different corners of the globe were invited to share their experiences and knowledge in the arena of global SC. Currently, this is an area of immense importance in the global trade and skills shortages abound.

About Suppliers Exchange Forum 2

SEF2 is intended to multiply SC and outsourcing resources, practices and efforts by global companies. The core concept of the event was “Outsourcing and Stock Bonds: Innovation and added value through suppliers.” The agenda was presented by world class speakers with experience in the development of stock chain programs for first tier corporations, strategies and policies applied by companies and countries that have become today’s role model for development.

Participants were in close contact with world companies and have the opportunity to become part of the growing foreign direct investment in Costa Rica ‘s clusters as partners, suppliers, or clients. Also they can be confident of the benefits to invest in a country with a highly skilled labor force, long history of democracy and peace, strategic location in the world, and a strong network. Some of the topics of interest were

Global Strategy Implementation
Supply Chain trends and challenges in High Tech Industries
Investing and outsourcing in developing countries
Global Strategic Sourcing
Using suppliers network to learn faster
Suppliers development for global approach
Creating strong and flexible: “ Thinking globally, acting locally”
Success for 3PL (Third-party logistics)
Lean Supply Chain: Best practices”
Collaborative Stock Bonds
Supply Chain Technology
Global Transportation Challenges

About Global Supply Chain Group:

Global SC Group is pro-active in creating, configuring, and formulating effective, secure and sustainable supply bonds around the world. With a collective stock bonds experience of more than 120 years, the senior team in Global SC Group has worked on more than 100 blue chip projects on all continents adding in excess of $1.5 Billion in value to their clients’ businesses. Large corporations rely on Global Supply Chain Group to deliver outstanding results in their supply strategy, stock sustainability, supply bonds security and bonds performance. Global SC Group works very closely, and sometimes anonymously, with the senior executive teams of large corporations to help them win outstanding Global SC Advantage through:

  • Global Supply Chain Group Transformations and Design,
  • Supply Chain Strategies and Execution,
  • Supply Chain Infrastructure and Efficiency,
  • Supply Chain Information technology and Integration
  • Supply Chain Processes and Personnel
Global Supply Chain Group, Supply Chain For CXOs and VPs
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