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Why did a COO lose out on a sure promotion, and is there a message in it?

The promotion of a Chief Operating Officer (COO) to the highest rank of a company is not always a sure thing. Recently, the head of
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Global Supply Chain Group - vivek BWVivek Sood: Sydney based managing director of Global Supply Chain Group, a strategy consultancy specializing in supply chains. More information on Vivek is available on and more information on Global Supply Chain Group is available 

Vivek is the Managing Director of Global Supply Chain Group, a boutique strategy consulting firm specialising in Supply Chain Strategies, and headquartered in Sydney, Australia . He has over 24 years of experience in strategic transformations and operational excellence within global supply chains. Prior to co-founding Global Supply Chain Group in January 2000, Vivek was a management consultant with top-tier strategy consulting firm Booz Allen & Hamilton.

Vivek provides strategic operations and supply chain advice to boards and senior management of global corporations, private equity groups and other stakeholders in a range of industries including FMCG, food, shipping, logistics, manufacturing, chemicals, mining, agribusiness, construction materials, explosives, airlines and electricity utilities.

Vivek has served world-wide corporations in nearly 500 small and large projects on all continents with a variety of clients in many different industries. Most of projects have involved diagnostic, conceptualisation and transformation of supply chains – releasing significant amount of value for the business. His project work in supply chain management has added cumulative value in excess of $500M incorporating projects in major supply chain infrastructure investment decisions, profitable growth driven by global supply chain realignment, supply chain systems, negotiations and all other aspects of global supply chains.

Vivek has written a number of path breaking articles and commentaries that are published in several respected journals and magazines. Vivek has spoken at several supply chain conference, forums and workshops in various parts of the world. He has also conducted several strategic workshops on various aspects of supply chain management. He received his MBA with Distinction from the Australian Graduate School of Management in 1996 and prior to these studies spent 11 years in the Merchant Navy, rising from a Cadet to Master Mariner.

More information on Vivek is available on  and more information on Global Supply Chain Group is available on

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Introduction: Being passed up for a promotion can be extremely disheartening, especially when the previous incumbent was promoted to the position. This was what happened to a Chief Operations Officer (COO) of a large corporation who had been expecting to take up the role of CEO but lost out on the opportunity at the last minute. It may seem like an unfortunate and unjustified event, yet there could be an important message behind it that can help us in our own career paths and professional lives.


This COO had worked hard for years and gone above and beyond in his duties as he rose through the ranks of management. He met all expectations from his superiors and colleagues, setting benchmarks with his accomplishments. His career trajectory seemed clear until suddenly he came upon this stumbling block that prevented him from taking on the highest possible role in his organization.

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The story of the COO who lost out on a sure promotion can teach us all an invaluable lesson. The content was one of the major factors in this particular situation, and it’s something that has to be taken into account when trying to achieve any kind of success. The COO in question had considerable experience and skills, but he failed to demonstrate his understanding of the company’s strategy and objectives through meaningful content. His work lacked substance, meaning it didn’t provide readers with insight or encourage them to continue engaging with him. This failed to pass the promotions review board and ultimately led to him missing out on his opportunity for advancement.


The message from this story is clear: if you want success then you must make sure your content is meaningful, contains the valuable insight, and encourages readership.

When the COO of a company that had been highly successful in its operations lost out on a sure promotion, it raised some eyebrows. The problem was that no explanation was given as to why this outcome occurred, leaving everyone wondering what happened. After a thorough investigation, it was determined that the COO had failed to adequately communicate their plan of action and solutions for operating the business going forward. This lack of communication created uncertainty and doubt among decision-makers at the executive level, leading to the COO not being chosen for their job offer.


This situation implies that proper communication is essential when vying for a position at the top tier of any organization or enterprise.


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In the business world, ambition and hard work are often rewarded with career advancement. However, when a COO unexpectedly lost out on a sure promotion to the CEO position, it was met with surprise and confusion. The individual had all the necessary qualifications for the role and had already been through several rounds of interviews. What could have caused such an unexpected setback?


The answer may lie in the importance of networking and building relationships within an organization. Although the candidate’s credentials were impressive, his lack of collaboration skills likely contributed to his loss of this promotion opportunity. In other words, having an impressive resume is helpful but not nearly enough for senior-level positions; networking with colleagues, demonstrating leadership abilities, and showing respect for others all play an important role as well.


In conclusion, the COO’s failure to recognize the importance of networking and mentorship as support structures for career progression was ultimately her undoing. It is a lesson we can all take away from this experience: that success does not come without being actively engaged in our development and growth. Our connections are often more powerful than any individual accomplishment or achievement, and this COO’s story serves as an important reminder that our relationships can be the difference between success and failure. If she had taken the time to network with key players within the company, there may have been a different outcome; one where she would have received that promotion.



The global supply chain of products is an immense and complex system. It involves the movement of goods from the point of origin to the point of consumption, with intermediate steps that involve resources, materials and services to transport them. A supply chain encompasses activities such as purchasing, production, distribution and marketing in order to satisfy customer demands. Companies rely on a well-managed supply chain to meet their business goals by providing quality products and services at competitive prices.

Efficiently managing a global supply chain requires considerable effort, particularly when dealing with multiple suppliers located around the world. Complex logistics tracking systems are needed to monitor product movements from one place to another. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) can help companies keep track of shipments across different locations for greater visibility into their processes.

what did Our Reader say?

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global supply chain group

Chief Operating Officer Graphite Energy

I have experience with many of the well-known top-tier strategy firms but chose Global Supply Chain to support me on my supply chain projects. They always meet and exceed my expectations due to the quality of the work, the ability to work collaboratively with internal teams, and the flexibility to adjust the project approach when required.

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CEO - Large Global transnational corporation From: FOREWORD - OUTSOURCING 3.0

When I engaged Vivek’s services for supply chain transformation in one of the companies I was heading, we expected the careful and methodical approach that he was famous for... I was pleased to note that the original target set for 3 years was surpassed by almost 70% in just 18 months.

global supply chain group

Vice-President Supply Chain Asia Pacific

I have used their services for several business transformations and workshops in many companies. Each time an outstanding workshop and project result was delivered ensuring the success of the business transformation project. Savings surpassed $25 Million per annum in one case. Very powerful ideas, were implemented very diligently.

Global Supply Chain Group - Jean Briac Le Dean

Jean-Briac Le Dean
Co-Founder & Agen

Vivek is a very collaborative and open leader who leads teams by example. Whether internal teams, or clients teams, all are impressed by his intensity, energy level and drive to make things a little better.

Global Supply Chain Group - Lorna Calder Johnson

Lorna Calder Johnson
Omni-Channel Product Marketing
P & L Executive

Vivek's transformation expertise is apparent from his results and dedication to operations and supply chains. His strategic expertise, knowledge and network make him a standout even among an excellent team.

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