Digital supply chain twin and Augmented reality (AR) are the current experimental models that are under development for aiding the supply chain management using artificial intelligence.

Technological And Social Trends

Technological and social trends are colliding to create a perfect storm for development of AI in supply chains. COVID-19 has made remote work a norm. With it comes a widespread adoption of remote management capability and IoT.

On the technology front - automation, AI and IoT aid each other and create a flywheel effect helping adoption of each of them simultaneously.

Sure, companies will struggle for a period of time with sub-par applications - but if they make measured investments and keep experimenting, eventually they will gain a upper hand on the technology, and on their rivals. That is the secret to Amazon's current success after all.

AI Models Used In The Business Environment

Advanced analytics, IoT and Robotic process automation (RPA) are the most mature applications in supply chain AI.

Advanced analytics is the autonomous examination of data or content using advanced techniques and tools to attain more drilled down insights, forecast or generate solutions. Advanced analytics are employed in real-time areas of supply chain management to make real-time pricing, quality assurance and updated replenishment possible.

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