According to a recent KPMG study from 2010, the priority for firms with respect to their suppliers remains costs; at the same time, there are also new priorities that are becoming important, such as sharing of knowledge, skills and resources.

Most firms claim that they want a more integrated supply chain with more responsible suppliers with respect to the management of inventory.

Leading firms are now looking for safe partnerships with their suppliers and they use a variety of mechanisms including audits to assure themselves about their supply chain partners.

Increasingly, there are concerns regarding intellectual property management in the supply chain. For instance, in 2008, Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault-Nissan said: “We are not anymore in a world where logistics follow”.

The Future Supply Chain has to be flexible. To reach this purpose, supply chain managers must choose safe suppliers and integrate them into a cohesive supply chain.

This shows that Supply Chain’s evolution is at the heart of concerns for the near future. The Supply Chain of the future would be flexible, safe and with a strong partnership between different actors of the chain.

Most Effective Ways To Overcome Future Of Supply Chain's Problem.

future of supply chain

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