The purpose of this blog post is simple.

I Will Explain Some Of The Most Popular Algorithms, Methods And Heuristics Of Transportation Optimization

Here are some of the most popular terms that you will hear when talking to the experts about transportation optimisation:

Geotagging Transport Optimization

Without knowing the exact location of the source and destination of a particular movement, it is not possible to optimise the route.

At one time geo-tagging was much more important than route calculation and optimisation for the simple reason that if we do not accurately know these locations.

Linear Programming Transport Optimization

An easy way of optimising results where there is a linear relationship between the variables, and the optimisation function can be clearly defined.

There are several other conditions and constraints that need to be met in order to successfully find a viable result using linear programming.

You can optimise for minimum miles, minimum costs, or even maximum profits - depending on how you optimise the solution using linear programming.

Integer Programming Transport Optimization

A better form of linear programming where additional constraints are put on the mathematical equations in order to find a better viable solution.

Dynamic Programming Transport Optimization

Dynamic programming is a recursive algorithm. Details are covered in this tutorial.

If you are mathematically inclined go through the included tutorial to get a good idea of the finer points of these and many other related algorithms.

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