While showcasing the trade, industrial and transportation capabilities of the nations of the world, Shanghai Expo has scored another hit. Millions of visitors from around the world have flocked to this great city to visit the miracle of modern commerce.

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What they find encouraging is the emphasis on green and environmental consciousness all through the expo. Aligned with the expo are the trade and cultural exhibitions, talks and discussions bringing in experts from around the world to discuss topics of high interest to the eclectic mix of visitors to this great city called ‘The Pearl of the Orient’.

Recently, the city hosted a discussion on Green Supply Chains bringing in experts from as far afield as Australia, UK, Singapore and Malaysia.

Simple Guidance For You In Green Supply Chains.

Speaking at the forum, Mr. Vivek Sood, Managing Director of Global SC Group, a strategy consulting and stock chain management services firm headquartered in Sydney, said ‘while Europe is no doubt the clear leader in the race towards Green SC’, China is making massive progress in this field.

At this rate I would not be surprised to see that China will surpass Europe in 10-15 years, if they continue to lay emphasis on Green Supply Chain at the highest level of corporate and governmental policy making’.

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He also emphasized that while most corporations wait for new regulations before they make moves towards Green SC, the clear winners have a deliberate strategy to make their stock bonds green and save massive costs at the same time.

The large audience enthusiastically endorsed Mr. Sood’s comments and asked a large number of questions about the techniques of Green Supply Chains Mr. Sood not only encouraged an open discussion on the topic but also invited audience to either write to him or read the book ‘Green SC – An Action Manifesto’ which is co-authored by him and is available at most good book stores and online.

About Global Supply Chain Group:

Global SC Group is pro-active in creating, configuring, and formulating effective, secure and sustainable stock chains around the world.

With a collective Stock chain experience of more than 120 years, the senior team in Global SC Group has worked on more than 100 blue chip projects on all continents adding in excess of $1.5 Billion in value to their clients’ businesses.

Large corporations rely on Global Supply Chain Group to deliver outstanding results in their chain strategy, stock chain sustainability, chain security and stock chain performance.

Global SC Group works very closely, and sometimes anonymously, with the senior executive teams of large corporations to help them win outstanding Global SC Advantage through:

5 Ways To Introduce Green Supply Chains

  • Supply Chain Transformations and Design,
  • Supply Chain Strategies and Execution,
  • Supply Chain Infrastructure and Efficiency,
  • Supply Chain Information technology and Integration
  • Supply Chain Processes and Personnel

No matter what your Stock chain issues or questions are, it is worth while reaching out and making a connection with us on http://www.globalscgroup.com

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