Supply Chain 2020 Conference in Melbourne

Supply Chain 2020 Conference in Melbourne






January 8, 2019

Global Supply Chain Group shares Green Supply Chain Methodology at Supply Chain 2020 Conference in Melbourne

Supply Chain 2020 was held at Melbourne Park Function Centre in Melbourne on 20th and 21st July 2010 with huge fanfare. Accompanied by exhibitions, interactive seminars and lectures was a serious purpose of educating supply chain managers in latest trends in supply chain management. The Conference was well attended by supply chain managers, senior executives and budding supply chain professionals.

The theme of the conference was INNOVATION AND BEST PRACTICE IN AUSTRALIA’S SUPPLY CHAIN. Speaking at the conference – Murali Dharan – Director of Supply Chain Strategy and Sustainability at Global Supply Chain Group stated that the ‘The time for proactive action on Sustainable, Green Supply Chain has arrived! Climate Change driven expectations from consumers, community groups/NGOs, impending regulations from Governments and your own CSR obligations, demand that we manage the Supply Chain risks proactively, reduce wastage, improve sustainability efficiencies & innovate on this new frontier.’

Global Supply Chain Group, with international credentials, has developed a Corporate Seminar on Greening Supply Chain that highlights new strategies, methods and tools to enable you and your managers to understand and develop readiness for this new paradigm. The audience liked Mr. Murali Dharan’s presentation and there were a lot of questions and answers following the presentation.

Mr. Dharan was impressed by the passion of the audience and their desire to get engaged in projects dealing with Sustainable Supply Chains. The future of the country as one of the trend setters in Green Supply Chains looks bright if that passion shown at the conference is translated into action in the corporate board rooms and field.

About Global Supply Chain Group: Global Supply Chain Group is pro-active in creating, configuring, and formulating effective, secure and sustainable supply chains around the world. With a collective supply chain experience of more than 120 years, the senior team in Global Supply Chain Group has worked on more than 100 blue chip projects on all continents adding in excess of $1.5 Billion in value to their clients’ businesses. Large corporations rely on Global Supply Chain Group to deliver outstanding results in their supply chain strategy, supply chain sustainability, supply chain security and supply chain performance. Global Supply Chain Group works very closely, and sometimes anonymously, with the senior executive teams of large corporations to help them win outstanding Global Supply Chain Advantage through: [list icon=”icon: chevron-right” icon_color=”#37c6f5″]

  • Supply Chain Transformations and Design,
  • Supply Chain Strategies and Execution,
  • Supply Chain Infrastructure and Efficiency,
  • Supply Chain Information technology and Integration
  • Supply Chain Processes and Personnel

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  • I have never attended a Supply Chain conference however from what I read, on a high level, they all have a similar focus.

    This type of conferences is attended by end users/ planning managers, supply chain vendors. Supply chain conferences focus more towards showcasing the industry best practices, innovations in the industry, expert discussions and of course provide a tremendous opportunity to network. If you’re genuinely interested in learning about the latest supply chain problems and solutions then you should attend these conferences. Always be selective of the topic you want to focus on because there are parallel discussions along the course of the conference.

  • Innovation is everything. Either it is supply chain or manufacturing, innovation must be there. The uses of primitive methods are no more profit oriented. Supply chain processes must be reinvented and revised by every organization to make its place in the market and to beat the competitors. People go where the innovation take them. It is good to know that the agenda of this conference was based on the innovation in supply chain processes. It is a concept that must be taken very seriously by the business executives operating at national or international level.

  • interesting to know how the professionals at a global level are perceiving the supply chain trends. It is good to know that such conferences are being held and expert people belonging to different fields share their experiences. Such knowledge sharing conferences are the best source of getting more knowledge and widening the exposure. The supply chain strategies and approaches can be made better by learning from the management strategies of others.

  • Educating business executives is very crucial. What could be a better opportunity than learning from such informative conferences where business executives, supply chain managers, senior supply chain professionals come forward and educate the participants through presentations, exhibitions, seminars and delivering a speech. It is undoubtedly a great opportunity to learn and grow your business by extending your supply chain services to others and getting benefits in terms of profits and business interactions.

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