Supply Chain Asia Annual Forum 2009 In Singapore Is A Huge Success With A Talk On Green Supply Chain By Vivek Sood Of Global Supply Chain Group

Sharing the stage were senior executives and thought leaders from various walks of life:

The venue was the Annual Forum of Supply Chain Asia in 2009 at Sheraton Hotel in Singapore. Panel discussion was very informative and audience was passionately engaged in the discussion.

Mr. Sood pointed out that “Greenwashing is giving a bad name to attempts of multi-national corporations to create Green Supply Chains.

Any corporations can be completely carbon neutral. All it has to do is outsource every carbon producing activity to third parties.”

This further encouraged an end-to-end supply chain sustainability discussion among the audience who wanted to know what is the best way to get started and to sustain momentum.

Mr. Sood indicated that the book GREEN SUPPLY CHAIN – AN ACTION MANIFESTO covered precisely this detail and was going to be released soon world-wide by its publishers – John Wiley and Sons.

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