The Biggest Contribution Of Supply Chain Infrastructure To Humanity.

India is an emerging country which draws the attention because of its astonishing economic results. Moreover, with more than 1 billion of inhabitants, this is a huge potential market for global firms.

All you need to know to invest in the book: Supply Chain infrastructure in India and its funding – a comprehensive report.

Indeed, Vivek Sood showed strengths about India in terms of Supply Chain Infrastructure In India, sectors and explained why a lot of firms had chosen this country more than another.

Moreover, there are thorough analyses about weaknesses of India and about efforts that should be done by to have an optimal growth. The following questions are treated in this book:

Supply Chain Infrastructure in india

8 Various Ways To Do Supply Chain Infrastructure In India.

  • What would create a per capita GDP of USD 25,000?
  • What would be the main sources of production and consumption in an economy like that?
  • What would be the key infra-structures needs, including supply chain infrastructure?
  • What is the key gap between the current state of infra-structure and the infrastructure required for such an economy?
  • How will this gap be fulfilled?
  • Where will the impetus for change come from both within and outside India? How?
  • Who will lead this change – the government, the public, the industry, the NGO’s? What role will others play?
  • What is the path from now to 2025? Which projects, in what order, by who, why?

This book is really interesting and clear for investors and professionals who want to know more about this country, a promising country which is in process on the economic field.

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