Supply Chain Infrastructure in India

Supply Chain Infrastructure in India






January 8, 2019

India is an emerging country which draws the attention because of its astonishing economic results. Moreover, with more than 1 billion of inhabitants, this is a huge potential market for global firms. All you need to know to invest in India is in the book: Supply Chain infrastructure in India and its funding – a comprehensive report. Indeed, Vivek Sood showed strengths about India in terms of infrastructures, sectors and explained why a lot of firms had chosen this country more than another. Moreover, there are thorough analyses about weaknesses of India and about efforts that should be done by India to have an optimal growth. The following questions are treated in this book:

This book is really interesting and clear for investors and professionals who want to know more about India, a promising country which is in process on the economic field.

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  • Very comprehensive report of supply chain infrastructure in India. I’m an investor and always would be interested to invest in India. I think I should prefer this type of reports to read before taking any decision to invest in India but it’s for 2011 not for 2017. Should I get all above questions answers for 2017 report?
    If yes, please refer link to me. Thanks in Advance.

  • The corporations need to build larger distribution centers into the interiors to consolidate access and move larger ones on efficient and appropriate vehicles.

    Do you think the cost of movement in India is an issue because of long routes?

  • India is an emerging economic giant and investment into India’s supply chain infrastructure is gaining momentum. India is becoming a huge supply chain ecosystem and the emergence of new business opportunities. The supply chain also has a great impact on other sectors as well. As India opens its economy in terms of supply chain further, financing in the improvement of supply chain linkage is vital for India’s business growth.

  • Good article Vivek Sood. Infrastructural woes are everywhere. They have a crippling effect on the supply chain network in India. Suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers all suffer from delays in the supply chain. It is important to measure the gaps between the existing and future supply chain infrastructure required for India’s economy. The gaps must be seriously identified and suitable solutions must be suggested.

  • The identification of main sources of production and consumption is of significant importance for economies like India. As you have also pointed out this aspect as a question in this article and I believe you would have answered it well in your book. Production and consumption must be balanced. This balance would ensure that the production levels are enough to meet the needs of the consumers. All of this is possible if the supply chain infrastructure is strong and very well managed.

  • The economy of India is blooming at a faster pace as the supply chain infrastructure is getting better every day. You have formulated a very justified list of questions as all these questions are essential for improving the supply chain processes and infrastructure. Infrastructure needs, changes, gaps, and requirements are all indispensable for strengthening the supply chain in India or any other country.

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