Workshops On Green Supply Chain Shows The Path Towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) And Sustainability. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Managers and the Sustainability Managers in corporations around the world are faced with a tough task. On one hand their mandate is make sure that the corporation is ‘doing the right thing’ in the societies that it functions in.

Workshops On Green Supply Chain

On the other hand, the profit motives driving Operational Managers leaves them with very little real influence in the operations of the business.

At the same time numerous Operational Managers have their heart in the right place but suffer from lack of time, know-how and mis-information about going green.

The belief that going green is costly is endemic in today’s business mind-set and hinders decisive positive action. The bust of Copenhagen again showed that the positive action towards environmental cleanup will most probably come from corporations acting in their own self-interest and in response to public demand.

It is also increasingly clear that now many corporations are leading the way towards CSR though concerted action. What is not yet clear is that without a concerted action across the end-to-end stock chain, most ‘green’ projects achieve less than 50% of the full potential – both in terms of emission reduction, and in terms of cost savings. The reason is self-evident.

As, Mr. Vivek Sood, the Managing Director of Global SC Group based in Sydney, Australia likes to point out Any corporation can become carbon neutral by outsourcing every carbon producing activity.

Potential for Green SC has long been recognized and acknowledged. However, many reasons have impeded the adoption of green SC principals by corporations.

Workshops On Green Supply Chain

One of the reasons has been lack of comprehensive methodology and tool kit to make it happen. Having recently co-written a published book (titled GREEN SUPPLY CHAINS – AN ACTION MANIFESTO) on this topic.

Mr. Vivek Sood, the Managing Director of Global SC Group says his company is taking further action to make the knowledge more readily available through a series of workshops.

The first of these workshops, titled SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN WORKSHOP was held in Sydney, Australia on 18th of June 2010 was heralded as great success by all participants.

Participants lauded the extremely high quality of information, a very positive interaction and opportunity to learn from world experts on the area and from each other.

The workshops are designed to stimulate discussions on the following type of questions:

Sustainable Packaging

Some Steps of Green Supply Chain

  1. Are you ready for the Workshops On Green Supply Chain Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) audits? Do you have verifiable, auditable data to support the claims of green house gas reduction activity within your company?
  2. How can you use our Green SC Methodology and tool kit to enhance your company’s profits? Does going green have to cost extra?
  3. What green SC projects are your competitors considering at the moment? When will they disclose these to the industry and media? How will these projects affect the industry perception, pecking order and profitability?
  4. How can you establish your company as the leader in green SC and CSR while making great profits? Do you want your employees know about Workshops On Green SC, suppliers, media and customers singing the praises of your CSR results?
  5. What liability are you exposing yourself, your board, your organisation to without a verifiable record set? What tools and methodologies do you need to make sure you are covered?

After outstanding success of the first workshop, further workshops are planned in the other state capital cities in Australia and major cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

More details on the workshops are available by contacting Global SC Group on the address given below.

About Global Green Supply Chain Group:

Global SC Group is pro-active in creating, configuring, and formulating effective, secure and sustainable supply chains around the world.

With a collective Workshops On Green Supply Chain experience of more than 120 years, the senior team in Global Supply Chain Group has worked on more than 100 blue chip projects on all continents adding in excess of $1.5 Billion in value to their clients’ businesses.

Large corporations rely on Global Supply Chain Group to deliver outstanding results in their supply chain strategy, supply chain sustainability, supply chain security and supply chain performance.

Global Supply Chain Group works very closely, and sometimes anonymously, with the senior executive teams of large corporations to help them win outstanding Global Supply Chain Advantage through:

  1. Supply Chain Transformations and Design,
  2. Supply Chain Strategies and Execution,
  3. Supply Chain Infrastructure and Efficiency,
  4. Supply Chain Information technology and Integration
  5. Supply Chain Processes and Personnel

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