20 Questions to Ask Yourself About 5-STAR Business Network Before Adding it to Your Business Strategy

We have compiled a list of 20 criteria you should consider before adding a 5-Star Business Network to your business strategy as well as how to evaluate your business network.

20 Questions


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  • Angelique says:

    In my experience, businesses often fail to realize that when they are at risk, they can focus more on converting that risk into an opportunity. Instead of wearing those dreadful “defeated” hats, put on your thinking caps. Take this as an opportunity to pause, slow down your activity and dig into your processes. Focus on the areas that can improve cash flow by creating systematic ways to check activity and profitability. Examine your business practices and confirm that they are actually working in your favor.

    It is often an unfortunate circumstance when businesses operate with a weak working capital level and struggle to meet their financial obligations. Both management and employees start to panic, and the urgent brainstorming meeting invites start to roll in. This is, of course, often followed by the impending question of how you can realize quick cost-saving opportunities and may be accompanied by the demand to stop spending cash.

  • Albert says:

    Very small fonts in the picture to read the questions. although after read it and get my own answers. I satisfied the answers it gives clarity to make plan and decisions.

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