by chiefstaff

November 4, 2013

Award-winning author Vivek Sood’s eagerly anticipated new book, The 5 Star Business Network, is due for release later this month. With further distressing economic news from Europe – Greek bank shares are plummeting and Portuguese shares have fallen too this week – the book could not have come at a better time. Examining complex inter-business relationships and synchronicities, acclaimed international business guru Mr Sood has produced a thought-provoking and inspiring work for any business. Mr Sood shows how in the changed reality business networks are replacing the 3i’s – infrastructure, inventory and interest – to enable businesses to do more with less.

Mr Sood uses current examples to provide engaging demonstrations of the power of 5 star business networks in the modern marketplace, showing businesses both how they can improve and which pitfalls they can easily avoid. The 5 Star Business Network draws on Mr Sood’s extensive international business expertise to show how every company can achieve synchronistic advantage through the appropriate development of its business network.

With influences from mathematicians, historians and psychologists, The 5 Star Business Network is a comprehensive guide to ensuring corporate robustness, expansion and effectiveness. With the global economic downturn continuing, if chief executives read only one business book this year, it needs to be this one.

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  • Hey, Vivek I am not getting your point on this topic as your topic says “A Business Network To Save Plunging Stocks” and after reading your article it only states that you are again and again only focusing on “The 5-Star Business Network” Book? what’s wrong with that?


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