Life Cycle Management, Better Life Cycle Engineering On Supply Chain

Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management (LCM) is an integrated approach to managing the total life cycle of products and services for sustainable consumption and production. LCM takes

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New Business Models For The New World

The world has changed drastically in the last few months, and businesses have been forced to adjust their strategies in order to remain successful. As a result, new business models have emerged as a way for companies to stay competitive and profitable in our new global context.

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Human Courtship on Supply Chain Network

Tinderization Of Human Courtship on Supply Chain What It Means?

About Human Courtship on Supply Chain I vaguely recall reading a research paper on human courtship by a US professor, where he hypothesised a 13 stage courtship process starting with eye-lock to for-ever-after. He had studied several human societies – ranging from primitive isolated tribes to modern urban tribes and concluded that the process was

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Complicated Systems, Complex Systems

Complicated Systems Vs. Complex Systems

Complex organisations have always existed, but we have to admit that the level of complexity has tremendously increased over the past centuries, especially over the past decades. Complexity now touches everyone, and every organisation. This is something unavoidable, and that is the reason why companies have to learn how to manage it, how to live

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Business Network

A Business Network To Save Plunging Stocks

A Business Network To Save Plunging Stocks Award-winning author Vivek Sood’s eagerly anticipated new book, The 5 Star Business Network, is due for release later this month. With further distressing economic news from Europe – Greek bank shares are plummeting and Portuguese shares have fallen too this week – the book could not have come

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Confronting Business. 5-STAR Business Networks News

Confronting Business How To Adapt Your Business Network Properly

About Confronting Business Business networks have changed through the ages and they have become greater and greater, reaching a worldwide scale. Nowadays, companies have to learn how to manage the business networks’ changes and its expansion over the world. However, somehow, our current business networks are not new at all and have already existed in

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HP Will Bear The Brunt Of Chromebook 11 Charger Overheating Fiasco And Subsequent Sales Halt On Amazon And Best Buy; Google Will Also Be Affected

HP Will Bear The Brunt Of Chromebook 11 Charger Overheating Fiasco

Sydney, 13 November 2013 Chromebook 11 charger fiasco Latest developments in the unfolding saga of sales halt of HP Chromebook 11 have seen both the key retail outlets now pulling it off the shelf following customer complaints of overheating chargers. HP is asking the existing owners of the product to use ‘any other Underwriters Laboratories-listed [

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Business Networks Or Social Networks

Business Networks Or Social Networks – Which Is Better ?

Learn All About Business Networks Or Social Networks LinkedIn is a business network that allows you to socialise. Facebook is a social network that is trying to commercialise. Both are digital networks that allow you to do certain things and not do other things. Besides these, there are real world business networks made up of

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IT Outsourcing Strategy Development

IT Outsourcing Strategy Development : 4 Key Areas Of Mistakes

Although Information Technology systems have evolved over the past decades, failures are still frequent. Most IT systems fail because their implementation does not follow the process and the conditions that it should. The people in charge often realize it too late, when the process is already in place. In fact, they only realize it when

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Western Businesses

5 Slow Poisons Are Killing The Western Businesses And Making CEOs Jobs

(Sydney, Australia based Vivek Sood is the world’s foremost authority on Global Supply Chains which are the commercial engines sitting deep within modern economies and driving them. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and has done courses from Harvard, MIT, and University of London. As the Managing Director of Global Supply Chain Group, he

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Business Network

5 Star Business Network : How To Develop A Strong Network

About Business Network Developing a “five star” business network is not as hard as it seems. People say that to develop a powerful network requires years of hard work. However, all it requires is three things: knowledge of who you would like to develop a connection with, your purpose for connecting and knowledge of the

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Corporate World Look

Why Should The Corporate World Look To Egolessness In 2014

The Corporate World Look In Supply Chain 2013 has been a breakthrough year for the top echelon of professionals around the world. One of the reasons, in my view, is the focus on mindfulness. For the first time, I have seen the corporate world embrace a practice adopted in the personal lives of many masters

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About Supply Chain 3.0 In this series, I will address the second question raised at the start of the previous blog series – “What are the benefits of supply chain 3.0?” Before answering that question, let me go over the three type of responses I generally get when I explain to people that supply chain 3.0 is real.

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Professional Income In Supply Chain

How To Increase Your Professional Income In Supply Chain?

Many professionals in the business world wonder how to increase income, at least every few weeks.How To Increase Your Professional Income. Want To Legitimately Increase Income in Supply Chain? No doubt, in the long run, you get paid for your results. Results are derived from two critical factors – skills and dedication.

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Who Is To Blame For The PC Sales Debacle

Who Is To Blame For The PC Sales Debacle?

The results are in, and for PC sales they are neither good nor bad – but ugly! The pundits are out to find a scapegoat – and the most convenient scapegoat at the moment is Microsoft. The PC sales Debacle. For example see this report in today’s Wall Street Journal – which hails Microsoft’s mea culpa.

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Supply Chain Optimisation

What is Supply Chain Optimisation and How good is it?

What is Supply Chain Optimisation? System demos are tedious things at best. The developers are trying to showcase the best aspects of their baby in best possible light. They have spent months, sometimes years, thinking about and developing functionality. It is really a big ask to show off the usefulness of it all, in half

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Global Supply Chain, Benchmarks In Supply Chain Management

Uses And Misuses Of Benchmarks In Supply Chain Management

There Are Lies, Damned Lies And Statistics. Benjamin Disraeli Benchmarks In Supply Chain Management. Benchmarks are a peculiarly virulent form of statistics which can be used to make a positive change, or misused to make a dodgy sale. On one hand a benchmark, such as a world record in 100m race, can motivate an athlete

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Determines Success Of Your Company

Why Successful Business Networking Are Important?

Extract from the book “The 5-Star Business Network”, written by Vivek Sood Why Successful Business Networking Are Important? 5 Star Business Networks There was a time, not more than a few decades ago, if you were General Motors you would attempt to own every part of your business. The assembly lines, the parts manufacturing plants,

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Drivers Of Green Supply Chain

Drivers Of Green Supply Chain

There are five type of environmental stakeholders group who drive green initiatives within an organization: 5 Drivers Of Green Supply Chains Management That Will Actually Make Your Life Better 1. Regulatory stakeholders, who either set regulations or have the ability to convince governments to set standards 2.

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Supply Chain Business

The Effects Of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The Effects Of Enterprise Resource Planning To combat the symptoms of departmental silos many organizations implement a very rigid Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This helps run their internal processes and coordinates inter-departmental communication. By their nature, these systems are very formulaic and prescriptive with a one-size fits all approach to planning.

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Business Models

Business Models – New Unique Perspective 101

Old Business Models Are Getting Redundant When General Motors filed for Chapter XI protection in 2008, it also marked the closing of a type of business models in modern commerce. General Motors was seen as the paragon of modern American management theory as popularized by Peter Drucker in the middle of the twentieth century.

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Miles Of Amazon


Miles Of Amazon Complexity Network Rivers become amazingly complex in their last few miles. If you have not yet done that try and navigate the Amazon delta from the sea up to the river – it is an enlightening experience. As a former ship’s master, I have had the privilege of navigating up a number

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