The Reason Why Everyone Loves Supply Chain Security.

People often wonder where the best opportunities for start-ups are. Supply Chain Security space is getting a lot of attention in this regard.

In fact, just today someone asked me on a popular platform about opportunities for start-ups in Supply Chain Security space . They wonder whether these were more in software, or consulting arena.

Here is my view:

The Latest Trend In Supply Chain Security.

It would be neither of those two. Rather it will be a combination of hardware and software – initial application know-how will have to come from the user side.

Let me explain.

Post-2001 (911) the world of supply chain security has changed dramatically. The regulatory environment has evolved dramatically (as we explain in my report Global Supply Chain Group’s SUPPLY CHAIN SECURITY REPORT).

But that is not the only change. Almost everything – customer innocence, political and cultural norms, technology and particularly technology – has evolved dramatically as is explained in this report.

Most importantly – the threat perception has evolved considerably. Look at the diagram below which summarises the supply chain threats over the decades:

So far, this is common sense representation of common knowledge. What is not common knowledge is how technology has evolved in response to these trends. the global supply chain security market is sub-segmented into Software, Hardware, and Services. The services segment held a large market share of xx% in 2019. Various services are required to deploy, execute, and manage supply chain security software and hardware in an enterprise. Demand for these services is expected to increase as supply chain security solutions become more widely adopted. The need for these services is expected to rise as supply chain security becomes more widely used. Supply chain security services include 24-hour protection against increasingly sophisticated architectures, security operations centers manned by professionals, and rapid incident response services. the global supply chain security market is sub-segmented into Data Protection, Data Visibility, Others. The data protection segment held a large market share of xx% in 2021. Data security is becoming extremely relevant. As a result, businesses implement procedures that allow data to be restored after it has been corrupted or lost. Additionally, the demand for protecting data is increasing because it helps to reduced costs of development protects against hackers, prevents your website from going down, and better business management. Good business ethics may inspire customers to patronize company. It should convey the reliability that most clients are looking for right away. On the basis of vertical, the global supply chain security market is sub-segmented into FMCG, Retail and eCommerce, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive, Transportation and Logistics, Other verticals. The retail and eCommerce segment held a large market share of xx % in 2019, owing to the increase of omnichannel commerce, eCommerce, and mobility has necessitated enhanced visibility across the whole supply chain and real-time demand management for retailers. Retailers may obtain relevantly visibility and track inventory throughout the whole lifespan by using supply chain security solutions and services, assuring agility and profitability while catering to the increasing needs of consumers. Reduced capital and operating expenditures, scalability, enhanced productivity, inventory visibility, systems integration, robust security, and data accessibility are just a few of the advantages that these solutions provide to businesses.

The Reason Why Everyone Loves Supply Chain Security.

There are at least 6 technological streams which find applications in supply chain security. You will find them in the report, or in this survey on supply chain security – Supply Chain Security Survey

But the most interesting insight in the report is that almost all the opportunities offered are in combinations of hardware, software and some know-how in the application.

Understand Supply Chain Security Before You Regret.

That is not to say that pure-play companies do not exist. In fact, many companies have evolved to products with a considerable component of application know-how. In mature products that is always going to be the case.

But, for a start-up, a combination of hardware, software and some application know-how is the best bet

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