Green Supply Chain Carbon Management

With emerging regulations on coal emissions, all organizations will be probably affected by Green Supply Chain Carbon Management. Therefore organizations are starting to take notice.

“For many people the terms coal operation and Greenish SC are synonymous, however, rather obviously, the two are different.

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Soot operation, though a vast subject in its own right, is just one small subset of the overall Greenish SC framework.

For example, an organization can outsource most of its coal producing activities to locations in jurisdictions outside the regulatory purview of its own country.

With free trade it may then reap the full rewards of such outsourcing, but, without bearing any responsibility for the coal impact of those outsourced activities.

The obvious Greenish SC answer is then that the organization at the demand end of a SC, should take on the full responsibility for the coal impact of its entire SC.”

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In this chapter of Green Supply Chain – An action manifesto, you will receive answers to: “What is Coal Management, and why is it important? “With explanations on soot measurement, coal minimization, soot offsetting, Carbon trading.

Green Supply Chain Carbon Management

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