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Green Supply Chains – The First Step Towards ESG

Supply Chains have become more visible and more global, and the question about their impact on the environment and global sustainability is increasing. The authors created this practical road map to include this green dimension in supply chains. You want to manage a Supply Chain and you care about the environment? Start by asking five

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Green Supply Chains – A CEO’s Handbook

Father of Modern Supply Chains unleashes another world first: “Green Supply Chains – A CEO’s handbook” As the world leaders from more than 160 countries come together in Bali this week to do something tangible and positive about the climate change, the business is increasingly feeling the pressure to make a significant contribution. Green Supply

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Shanghai Expo – Green Supply Chains

While showcasing the trade, industrial and transportation capabilities of the nations of the world, Shanghai Expo has scored another hit. Millions of visitors from around the world have flocked to this great city to visit the miracle of modern commerce. What they find encouraging is the emphasis on green and environmental consciousness all through the

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Workshops on Green Supply Chain

Workshops on Green Supply Chain Shows the Path Towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Managers and the Sustainability Managers in corporations around the world are faced with a tough task. On one hand their mandate is make sure that the corporation is ‘doing the right thing’ in the societies that

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Global Leaders in Taiwan – Green Supply Chains

Green Supply Chains – A CEO’s Handbook presented to global leaders in Taiwan Cutting edge academic research in Green Supply Chain is very sparse. Even rarer is an actionable handbook giving comprehensive know-how on achieving green supply chains. Global Supply Chain Group’s presentation at the Green Supply Chains Workshop organized by the National Tsing Hua

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2007 Award of Green Supply Chains Celebration

Green Supply Chains Award 2007 – and the winner is …. Eastman Kodak! Mainstream corporations are really “Going Green”. And if you need more proof, it has just been announced that Kodak Eastman has won the highly coveted Green Supply Chains award 2007. There were 5 finalists in the newest and most interesting category –

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