Alex Rotenberg Interview, Outsourcing Logistics

Alex Rotenberg Interview

Alex Rotenberg Interview Outsourcing Logistics 3PLs: What are some of the critical mistakes people make in outsourcing logistics 3Pls? Before asking this question we have

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Life Cycle Management, Better Life Cycle Engineering On Supply Chain

Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management (LCM) is an integrated approach to managing the total life cycle of products and services for sustainable consumption and production. LCM takes

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New Business Models For The New World

The world has changed drastically in the last few months, and businesses have been forced to adjust their strategies in order to remain successful. As a result, new business models have emerged as a way for companies to stay competitive and profitable in our new global context.

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Human Courtship on Supply Chain Network

Tinderization Of Human Courtship on Supply Chain What It Means?

About Human Courtship on Supply Chain I vaguely recall reading a research paper on human courtship by a US professor, where he hypothesised a 13 stage courtship process starting with eye-lock to for-ever-after. He had studied several human societies – ranging from primitive isolated tribes to modern urban tribes and concluded that the process was

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The Age Of Global Business Networks

The Age Of Global Business Networks

The Age Of Global Business Networks Obviously, business networks have tremendously changed through the ages. The world has become global and business networks have kept expanding over the years and centuries. In fact, business networks used to be very small, even non-existent a few centuries ago. In former societies, businesses were not as developed as

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Trends For Management Implied

New Trends For Management Implied By The Complexity Increase

Trends For Management Implied We have no choice but to accept that complexity is omnipresent in every organisation today. Complexity took a very important place in organisation because it is bigger than it used to be one century ago. For this reason, managers and executives have to learn how to run their business while managing

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HP Will Bear The Brunt Of Chromebook 11 Charger Overheating Fiasco And Subsequent Sales Halt On Amazon And Best Buy; Google Will Also Be Affected

HP Will Bear The Brunt Of Chromebook 11 Charger Overheating Fiasco

Sydney, 13 November 2013 Chromebook 11 charger fiasco Latest developments in the unfolding saga of sales halt of HP Chromebook 11 have seen both the key retail outlets now pulling it off the shelf following customer complaints of overheating chargers. HP is asking the existing owners of the product to use ‘any other Underwriters Laboratories-listed [

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Business Relationships

Business Relationships : What You Should Know About Them

About Business Relationships Although you may be good at building and maintaining relationships in your life, it can be very different when it comes to business. In effect, relationships between business partners are very specific relationships. As most relationships, they are based on a contract. The contract is the cornerstone of any relationship (personal or

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5 Best Tips For Social Media Use In Supply Chain Business, Social Media Successfully

How To Use Social Media Successfully

Social Media Successfully Although social medias are crucial for your communication strategy, they can also be deadly for your business if you do not use them intelligently. There are some important rules and conditions for success by using social medias, and you have to understand them before starting to interfere with social medias. Your customers

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IT Outsourcing Strategy Development

IT Outsourcing Strategy Development : 4 Key Areas Of Mistakes

Although Information Technology systems have evolved over the past decades, failures are still frequent. Most IT systems fail because their implementation does not follow the process and the conditions that it should. The people in charge often realize it too late, when the process is already in place. In fact, they only realize it when

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Demand In Supply Chain Business

Demand In Supply Chain Business in Global SC Group

Demand In Supply Chain Business Taipei-based Foxconn Technology Group, whose biggest client is Apple, is to invest $US40 million in the United States to boost its high-end production chain. The move, welcomed by the US government, is part of the growing trend to seek a non-China outsourcing location. The world’s biggest contract electronics manufacturer will

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5 Best Tips For Social Media Use In Supply Chain Business, Social Media Successfully

5 Best Tips For Social Media Use In Supply Chain Business

SUPPLY CHAIN BUSINESS AND SOCIAL MEDIA. Social media are amazing because they allow you to interact directly with visitors, which could be a great help for your business. This term covers a large range of websites, and it can refer to social bookmarking (, Blinklist, Simpy), social news, social networking (Facebook, twitter, etc.), social photo

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Business Models Are Now Obsolete, Business Models, Supply Chain Models

Why Supply Chain Models Have To Change For The Better

The Story Of Supply Chain Models In his book The 5-STAR Business Network (, Vivek Sood exposes the results of his researches on the organizational structure of companies. Companies used to follow the model of a traditional organization structure as in the following figure: However, the global business world has changed and this structure is no longer

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Supply Chain Business

Amazon’s Drones – How Useful in Supply Chain Business?

Supply Chain Business Amazon is known for its bold moves, innovation and customer centric thinking. Just yesterday it released a video of drone delivery of customer purchases from its warehouse and fulfilment centre which became the talk of the town. Regulatory and technological issues apart, I will only take a supply chain perspective in this

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing : 5 Must Know Things

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Although social medias are obviously helpful tools of communication for your business, there are some things you should know before initiating any strategy. In fact, you cannot implement an appropriate social media strategy if you do not know the bases and the common traps. Then, this article aims at underlining a few

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Globalization Is Inevitable

Globalization Is Inevitable – Prepare For It

About Globalization Is Inevitable When we renamed our company Global Supply Chain Group in 2006, the key thought running in my mind was that despite clear and evident trend of globalisation – most companies still ran their supply chain on a regional basis. Many of our clients see value in global integration of their entire supply chains – while

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Apple Business

Will Samsung Use Galaxy S5 To Eat Apple Business Lunch?

About Galaxy S5 To Eat Apple Business The world’s biggest smartphone maker has struck again with the announcement of its flagship Galaxy S model to hit stores this April. Samsung Galaxy S5, unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday, features fingerprint technology similar to Apple’s latest iPhone 5S. Samsung also packs a

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Success in Supply Chain

There Is Only One Key To Success in Supply Chain

Business books, blogs and literature are full of secrets of success. A recent experience taught me that it need not be too complex. Why Do I Call It The Only One Key To Success in Supply Chain? Hopefully, that will be clear in the next 5-10 minutes it takes to read about this incident.

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Business Networks Of Supply chain, Rebalancing The Supply Chain Company, Does Your Supply Chain Company Have Second-Class Citizens?

Art Of Harmonious Rebalancing The Supply Chain Company

The Art Of Harmonious Rebalancing The Supply Chain Company Many years ago, I was engaged in a strategic transformation project in a mid-size airline. For some curious reasons the airline was of critical importance to the national economy and occupied a very high position in the national political totem pole.

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The Global Business Networks Shortening

Are The Global Business Networks Shortening The Success Cycle?

The Global Business Networks are Shortening The first business book that I read was “In Search of Excellence” by Tom Peters and . It was a gushing account by two ex-McKinsey consultants truly in search of excellence among American businesses, and plethora of advise that to my then untutored mind (after all, I was still

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Green Supply Chain

Life Cycle Management Benefits: Green Supply Chain

How Will Green Supply Chain Be In The Future. Green Supply Chain revolutionizes the company; indeed, throughout supply chain, Green Supply Chain planning enables to minimize the environmental impact of the overall endeavour while still achieving the same results. Everything is the Life Cycle Management:

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