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When we renamed our company Global Supply Chain Group in 2006, the key thought running in my mind was that despite clear and evident trend of globalisation – most companies still ran their supply chain on a regional basis. Many of our clients see value in global integration of their entire supply chains – while others continue to persist with artificial internal barriers, often to their own detriment. 

All change is seen as a threat, unless it clearly shows its benefits. So, when fringe elements on far left, or far right, protest globalisation it does not come as a surprise.

That is why I am expecting this blog post is likely to be somewhat controversial in some quarters. However, those same protesters do not think twice before enjoying the fruits of globalisation – coffee from Columbia or cotton grown in Egypt.

Learn How To Make Globalization Is Inevitable.

What is surprising is the resistance to globalisation of supply chains in mid-management levels within many companies. .

No, it does not mean that everyone has to move their factories to China, or their call centres to Philippines. It just means using objective fact based analysis to make supply chain decisions.

It is undeniable that the current trend of globalisation is only going to accelerate. Never before in the history of humanity have the business networks been so global, diversified, powerful and useful.

Globalization Is Inevitable Is So Famous,

It is also undeniable that the most powerful networks on earth today act cohesively as Supply Chains. Whether these are technology companies such as Apple or Dell, or these are mining giants such as BHP Billiton or Rio Tinto – all supply chains are now truly global. Come and harness the power of global supply chains for you – share your thoughts, make new powerful connections, or simply participate in discussions when it suits you. We invite you to join this useful group on LinkedIn called – what else – Global Supply Chain Group on LinkedIn.

Globalization Is Inevitable
Globalization Is Inevitable

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