By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip When looking at cost reduction opportunities in an area, you should start by assuming that you can remove 100% of the price. If that’s not possible, then look at ways to remove 90% of the price.

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If you don’t start ambitiously, you’ll miss some real plum cost reduction opportunities. Internal IT hardware logistics are a good example.

You may have staff engaged in building and deploying hardware on site. Instead of looking at how you can improve the process, first ask yourself: Why are we doing this at all?

Why can’t we get our vendor to build the hardware and ship it straight to our user’s desks.

If the user can’t plug it into the network themselves then give them a help desk number to call for assistance.

The Reason Why Everyone Love Cost Reduction.

Speaking of help desks, the internet provides countless opportunities to reduce your price of service by an order of magnitude.

Multi-million dollar help desk ticketing systems from BMC Software and others can be largely replaced with SAAS (or ‘cloud’ in the newest lingo) providers such as Assistly.

Now, before you start defending the functionality of Remedy (BMC’s product) sit back and imagine a world where Assistly was the only option:

The Miracle Of Cost Reduction.

What changes would you need to make to your processes and people? How much would you save and what would your end users have to give up?

My bet is that you could deliver an equivalent service to your end users (perhaps better?) and cut your price by 90%.

Unless you dream big, and act on those dreams, you’ll never realise dramatic cost reductions.

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Doug Hudgeon who is lawyer and vendor management professional who has branched into finance and accounting shared services management.

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