by Doug Hudgeon The Cost Management Tip On the train platform this morning, construction work channeled commuters down a small passageway. Midway down the passage, a man stood pressing his back against the wall.

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Doug Hudgeon

One of the commuters in front of me must have said something because the man responded in a broad Australian accent”I can’t suck me guts in any more.”

That appeared to be true but it probably wasn’t what the commuter was asking. The fundamental question was “What are you even doing here?”.

Likewise, in a cost reduction initiative, sometimes asking everyone to suck in their guts is not going to do it. It’s no fun and it doesn’t work. Sometimes you need to ask more basic questions and address more fundamental issues.

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More Information Fundamental of Business

This is only tangentially related to the topic of this post but it serves as a good exercise to experience the difference between asking questions that scratch the surface of a problem and asking more basic questions. Related books “Smart Questions offers an entirely new framework for creating solutions.

Drawn from the authors’ many years of research and field experience, the Smart Questions Approach reveals how the leading creators of solutions in almost every profession and walk of life—including business, government, education, and even in families—think and approach their assignments.

The author’s holistic thinking approach shows how to use three “foundation” questions—focusing on uniqueness, purposeful information, and systems—which must be explored for every problem.

These three questions, an essential starting point for exploring problems, in turn lead to other key questions that will ultimately create effective solutions.”

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