Social media are amazing because they allow you to interact directly with visitors, which could be a great help for your business.

This term covers a large range of websites, and it can refer to social bookmarking (, Blinklist, Simpy), social news, social networking (Facebook, twitter, etc.), social photo and video sharing (YouTube, instagram etc.), or any other specific websites that enable you to interact with visitors (which concern a tremendous amount of websites these days).

Executives Should Get Involved Personally In Social Networks Supply Chain Business

CEOs and other executives are those who embody the organization. People want to see who is representing what they are buying.

They want to get to know they are, what they look like, and what they stand for. There is the example of the French businessman Alain Afflelou who embodies this brand in his tv campaign.

At some point the audience has so seen him so much that there was a buzz about the fact to know if he was an actor or not. That is why you should not be afraid of getting involved in social media and social networks.

It is good publicity for your company. Besides, future partners want to know who you are. It is a matter of communication, but also a matter of company identity. You are the person who represents your brand the best.

Adopt An Intimacy Strategy Supply Chain Business With Your Customers

The goal of social media is to interact, and with whom? “Your customers” seems to be the first answer. In effect, through social media, you can tell your customers about what you sell.

It is a communication tool, so use it as such. Social media will help you transmit the qualities and values of your products and services. On the other hand, interaction also means customers can give their opinion, which is good news.

Then, you will be able to know what your customers think about your company and your product, which will enable you to get better. You can build stronger relationships with your existing customers through the utilization of social media.

In fact, Facebook is a way for keeping your products top of mind among already loyal customer and thus build a tighter emotional relationship between your brand and your customers.

Besides, thanks to these feedbacks and customer’s opinion and tips, you might be able to reach new customers.

There is no choice but to admit that social media is an amazing tool of communication because it can reach millions of people anywhere in the world, it makes you able to target particular groups in particular locations, and it is very fast for all this.

Think About Your Social Media Strategy Beforehand on Supply Chain Business

Although intervene in social media is becoming essential today, you cannot decide it on an impulse. It has to be deeply thought and requirements must be analyzed. In fact, all companies will not act the same way on social media. There are differences according to your target and your industry. Your presence is crucial on social media, but which ones? How do you choose a social media? What would be the best for your specific company? On which websites are your customers and what do they need?  Learn more about that matter, read Vivek Sood book The 5-STAR Business Network (

Evaluate The Results in Supply Chain Business

After your strategy is implemented and you are present on social media, you should be able to analyze the efficiency of your strategy.

You have to evaluate it your presence on social media is helping your business or if the added value is disappointing. This is about ROI calculation.

You can measure different outcomes, like revenue growth, profit, customer acquisition cost, or any other key parameter for your business. If something specific is important to your business, you must be able to evaluate the impact of social media use on it.

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