Unchain Your Corporation – Book Summary

Supply Chain ManagementSupply Chain Management

  •  As executives respond to fundamental shift in global economics and technologies with wave after wave of transformations – today, most companies are grappling with massive resistance, skepticism, change fatigue, complexity, and ambiguity.
  •  Businesses are chained by unseen chains. If you are looking for ways to “Unchain Your Corporation” a successful business transformation is required.
  •  Successful business transformations are difficult, yet rewarding.
  •  Business transformation is fast becoming a question of survival in the modern globalised era.
  •  Modern supply chains integrate businesses and economies faster by systematic information sharing from internal and external sources.
  • Companies, universities and consultants have collectively invested an estimated over $75 Billion around the globe in Supply Chain know-how development over the past 30 years. Make use of this valuable know-how.
  • Supply Chains help companies build a secure, risk-free path towards successful business transformations. One single idea can spark a thought revolution, or prevent a fatal mistake.
  •  “Unchain Your Corporation” shows a fast, easy path to use Supply Chain for business transformation.
  •  Companies can multiply profits by progressively ramping up cohesion and collaboration of all moving parts in B2B network to achieve tighter integration.
  •  The Value of “modern supply chain management” is in helping transform the  business, and modernise to B2B Network – in order to Innovate, Profit and Thrive.

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