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Create a High Profile Internal Team to Identify Best Practices and Embed a Cost Conscious Culture

By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tip In this tip I discuss embedding a cost conscious culture where you have a number of comparable operating units. Examples include retail banks or multi-site operations such as a national insurance brokerages, consulting firms, law firms, or logistics providers. Where you have the multiple operating units, you have

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What is Supply Chain?

The expression “supply chain” was created during the 1980’s to explain the need to integrate important business processes. Indeed, supply chain is about integration between business functions and business processes. It is about giving all the information which is important for any services in the industry and for partners of the company such as suppliers,

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What are the perspectives for the future Supply Chain?

According to a KPMG study, the priority for firms towards their suppliers remains costs, but there are also new priorities which appear such as shares of knowledge, skills and resources. In the near future, most firms claim that they want a more integrated supply chain with more responsibilities for suppliers concerning stocks. Firms are looking

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Green Supply Chains – A CEO’s Handbook

Father of Modern Supply Chains unleashes another world first: “Green Supply Chains – A CEO’s handbook” As the world leaders from more than 160 countries come together in Bali this week to do something tangible and positive about the climate change, the business is increasingly feeling the pressure to make a significant contribution. Green Supply

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Survey Finds More Than Half CEOs Do Not Believe in Social Media

At Global Supply Chain Group, we are highly interested in global business networks and that is the reason why, today, we want to underline importance of social media and social networks. We have no choice but to accept that social networks take an increasing place in today economy with already more than a billion users

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The Value of Loyalty?

I would not have known who Ed Catmull was, except for a passage in Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson. Ed was the head of Pixar who repositioned the company from making ultra-high end graphics designing PCs to a company making beautiful stories into animated films using computer graphics. As the story goes, at one

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Sponsor the Inaugural “Green Supply Chain Award”

Global Supply Chain Group to sponsor the inaugural ‘Green Supply Chain Award’ at the upcoming Supply Chain Asia Logistics Awards 2007. Global Supply Chain Group, a supply chain strategy consulting organization headquartered in Sydney is sponsoring the coveted ‘Green Supply Chain Award’ at the upcoming Supply Chain Asia Logistics Awards 2007. On behalf of the

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2007 Award of Green Supply Chains Celebration

Green Supply Chains Award 2007 – and the winner is …. Eastman Kodak! Mainstream corporations are really “Going Green”. And if you need more proof, it has just been announced that Kodak Eastman has won the highly coveted Green Supply Chains award 2007. There were 5 finalists in the newest and most interesting category –

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Foreign Trade Minister of Costa Rica Thanks Global Supply Chain Group

Foreign Trade Minister of Costa Rica thanks Global Supply Chain Group’s Vivek Sood for representing Asia Pacific perspective at the Suppliers Exchange Forum in San Jose, Costa Rica The SEF 2 or Suppliers Exchange Forum was a premier event in Central American calendar attended by more than 800 participants, exhibitors and speakers. The event was

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