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Guides and Sherpas play a crucial role

Sherpas are an ethnic group from the Himalayan region, known for their expertise in exploring mountains, particularly for expeditions to the top of Mount Everest. Because of their success in assisting climbers to the summit, “Sherpa” has become the definition for guides and mentors.

Sherpas are experts thanks to their knowledge of local terrain and adequate conditions to ascent. By assisting climbers to the top of Mount Everest, Sherpas carry heavy loads and ensure the readiness of expedition members. Besides, they assess fitness to climb and assist with further conditioning if required. That means, Sherpas are not just travel companions, they are also advisers, assistants and morale leaders. Thanks to them, success rates are vastly increased.

In this sense, boutiques service providers are akin to Sherpas because they are experts helping you to achieve the objective. They do not only provide you with the map, but also climb the mountain with you. In other words, boutiques service providers watch your back throughout the whole process.

Real Sherpas are hybrid teams of internal experts and boutique firms supported by occasional operational experts. They can provide a balanced combination of a strategic depth and operational nous at the lowest cost possible while still guaranteeing great results.

Although Sherpas achieve most of the world records on Mount Everest, they are rarely in the global news and the media. Likewise, boutiques are experts that provide the best strategic solutions and tools to reach the top level without requiring the accompanying glory.