Finance, Sales, HR, Supply Chain – Where Do Most Effective Business Transformation Leaders Come From?

Finance, Sales, HR, Supply Chain – Where Do Most Effective Business Transformation Leaders Come From?


Vivek Sood




March 25, 2021

Business Transformation is Different Than Change Management

Almost everybody who has anything to do with creating any change inside a company calls himself or herself a business transformation expert these days. 

It is important to define business transformation at the outset. 

As the business trends evolve, every ten years to so a new generation of business is configured - where the form, the function and even the purpose of the business makes a generation jump from the previous one. This is natural evolution of business and changing with times is part of "Change Management." 

Yet, due to inertia, hubris, or past success many businesses change just their form, and not their substance. As a result many businesses are at least one, and sometimes more, generation/s behind in substance. 

Bringing such businesses up to date require and effort more than change management. We call that effort 'Business Transformation."

In supply chain led business transformations the picture looks some thing like this:

The blue line in the above picture depicts business transformation that takes a methodical approach to upgradation, while the yellow line depict regular change management that results in gradual evolution over a longer period of time. 

Business Transformation Is Difficult

I have a lot to say on this topic, and most of it already said elsewhere in these pages. So for the sake of overall brevity I will give you links with the key points. 

First point worth reading about is - Why Supply Chain Business Transformations (BT) Jobs Differ From Supply Chain Business-as-Usual (BAU) Jobs? Allied with that thought is another relevant topic - Why Good Business Executives Make Bad Business Consultants and Vice Versa?

Another point worth perusing at the current point in corporate cycle is Why is Supply Chain Governance Difficult?

Finally this blog will give you additional insights on the difficulty of business transformations:

What I Learnt About Business Transformations Fighting Pirates (Not in the Caribbean)! – Part 1

it takes a lot of skill to achieve successful business transformation

If you have read the blogs above this point will already be home. For that reason, most companies end up moving the goal post when their business transformations end p only partially successful. 

good business transformation people are rare

Are Good Business Transformation People Worth Their Weight in Gold?

It is nearly impossible to have all the skills necessary for business transformation in one person

Effective business transformation leaders come from a variety of backgrounds

Each background has its own pros and cons

Finance, Accounting and associated Consulting Firm background brings focus on budgets and compliance

Sales and Marketing background brings focus on customers needs and feedback

IT and associated consulting brings focus on tools and technologies

Supply chain and associated consulting brings focus on practical action 

Strategy and business transformation background brings focus on planning and report writing

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