Financial Leadership Of Operations

You Will Find Answers Of Following Key Questions
Why do many finance executives lose credibility when talking about their operations to the CEOs and the board of directors?
What is the best way to ensure you keep that credibility?
What are some of the most common mis-assumptions that finance executives make when conducting operational cost analysis?
What are the strategic and political implications of these assumptions?
How do budgets go awry despite your best efforts and what operational steps are necessary to keep control of the budgets?
Why are nearly all the cost-to-serve models flawed and how to ensure your modeling drives good decision making and positive action?
How to recognise the key symptoms of the most common operational problems well before they show up on financial results?
  • Be a real part of operational change leadership team in your business
  • Provide unique perspectives – a strong combination of your knowledge in finance and operations
  • Grow your business to a new height – global supply chain leaders win outstanding competitive advantage for their businesses
  • Grow your career to new heights – from CFO to COO or CEO, from a finance executive to CFO or a General Manager, from a finance analyst to a Commercial Manager
  • Increase your marketable skills and capabilities in a rapidly changing work environment. Don’t just talk a good game – learn to play it
  • Join a growing network of strategic thought leaders who can straddle the worlds of finance and operations with an equal ease
Your Workshop Facilitators
Vivek Sood
Chartered Financial Analyst MBA (AGSM), LLM (U. Lon)
Tony Fedorowicz
MBA (MGSM), S.Sc (Syd)
Garry Baddock
CPA, Chief Operating Officer, GE