The art of knowing your customer needs

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know how
"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

Albert Einstein

Chemicals and explosives account for a large percentage of both consumer and industrial products. Demand in the industry is often directly linked to the overall health of local and or global economies. Chemical and explosive companies are also often affected by economies of scale, so profitability is generallly tied to how efficiently day to day operations are run.

Typically, industry standard is to hire large numbers of engineers to manage the often highly automated manufacturing process to ensure operations run smoothly. Generally there are two types of products produced by chemical and explosive companies; intermediate or commodity products and specialty products. Intermediary products are generally produced in high quantities utilizing continuous flow production methods, and specialty products are produced in smaller batch quantities resulting in higher profitability margins.

This presents Global Supply Chain Group a multitude of options for increasing the profitability of your company. Experience has identified several key areas in need of improvement to the industry…and our experts at Global Supply Chain Group have the solution:

  • High capital intensity
  • Waste disposal issues
  • High energy inputs
  • Operational inefficiencies

With a combined experience of over 60 years we have developed skills in; capital reduction, operational engineering, end-to-end supply chain transformation, optimization and strategy, as well as lean and six sigma methods to combat these and many more issues reducing profitability and efficiency of your company.


NOW is the best time to take YOUR career seriously:

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