Foods and Cold Chain – Global Supply Chain Group

"Energy and persistence conquer all things."

-Benjamin Franklin

The foods and cold chain industry is composed of goods with set shelf-lives. The goods are bought and sold first-in, first-out format to ensure quality of the product to consumers. Goods in the foods and cold chain industry often experience rapid rates of deterioration, so to prevent loss, inventory must be closely monitored. Profitability of the industry is often dependent on a good product mix and highly efficient operations.

Large companies gain advantage through purchasing in bulk as well as economies of scale distributions. Smaller companies can compete by specializing in certain products or by marketing only to a specific geographical area. It is also not uncommon in the industry to see supply contracts between buyer and seller.

Problem areas of the industry:
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Ineffective inventory strategy
  • Excessive waste
  • Procurement

At Global Supply Chain Group we will work together to stream-line your supply chain processes and reduce loss due to ineffective use of inventory as well as any other supply chain issues you may be experiencing.