Out now! The 5 Star Business Network hits the shelves

Vivek Sood is passionate about business. With a career that has spanned multiple industries and continents, he has moved from success to success over the years. Now, the award-winning author shares his experience with the world in his eagerly anticipated new publication, The 5 Star Business Network. Available at amazon.com and all good bookstores, the book offers clear, concise guidance that will benefit every CEO savvy enough to consult it.

Mr Sood’s extensive experience of the business world – ranging from international shipping to working with top executives on five continents – and his fascination with the nature of economic cycles provides him with a truly unique perspective of the challenges faced by today’s corporations. He travels the world, supporting businesses to develop their supply chains and business networks in order to become more efficient, more robust and more profitable.

Packed with up-to-date case studies illustrating the points made, The 5 Star Business Network engages the reader from the outset. Each chapter focuses on a different element of building the perfect 5 star business network – something which in the modern global economy no business can afford to neglect.

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    And its again I would like to you to know that by reading this one of your articles again it is not relevant to 5-star business network the only focus you have made in this article is only upon you only describing yourself instead of the launching of the book.

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