Every Business Today Lives or Dies by Its Supply Chain

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We cannot teach you anything about marketing. You are already as close to excellent in marketing as is possible under the circumstances. Yet your marketing does not translate into profits because of drag from rest of the organisation. What is the reason for this GAP?

As the CMO, in every corporate communication – direct or indirect mailouts, public relations,  advertisement, and other promotional channels –  you are personally making a promise to your customers.

Are you sure that your company’s supply chain is designed to precisely deliver that promise?

Why is this important to Chief Marketing Officers?

Because, more precisely your company delivers on your promise, more likely you will get positive reverberations across the social media. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. Your marketing message will be tremendously amplified or totally muted based on how well your company’s supply chain performs in support of delivery.

Savvy Chief Marketing Officers are now becoming more integrated into the supply chain picture. Marketing has moved way beyond segmenting the customers needs and wants. Now, anyone who can use some statistics, or knows how to use a cluster analysis package, can do it.

Why chief marketing officers should read this special report?

Supply Chain 3.0 matters to Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). Here is why.

What separated good Chief Marketing Officers is their ability to segment the supply chains in line with the marketing message. Supply Chain professionals have no idea how to do customer segmentation without input from marketing. The Chief Marketing Officers have to teach them exactly what they each segment wants and help them design a precise delivery mechanisms.

There is, however, an ironical conundrum.  What got you here, will rarely take you much further.


Because the rules of the game change hereafter. Functional excellence is not sufficient. Even strategic thinking is not. If you want more evidence of this, read pages 14-16 in this extract.

Cross-functional integration separates those who are favoured by the boards. Supply Chain 3.0 matters to CFOs. Here is why.

Supply Chain Management

CMOs of today are charged with translating a very fickle and transient demand into profitable profit streams of today and tomorrow. Supply Chains and business networks are neat tools to make that transformation. The question ‘‘How do I start?’’ is exactly what is addressed in this special report.

This is a part of our intellectual property armoury that can be deployed to win yourbusiness transformation success. As with any product of our supply chain know-how, you can be sure of the quality distilled from over 400 successful projects and decades of experience.

More specifically, you will explore in this special report:

  • What lies beyond traditional organisational silos?
  •  Why you should proactively engage in the fulfillment of promise made to customers?
  •  How Supply Chain 3.0 can improve your company’s brand name?
  •  How it can also help with customer service and product innovation?
  •  And many more insights from our supply chain veteran with sound business background
What is the catch?

Supply Chain Management

There is basically no catch. Why pay millions of dollars for a strategy project with a top-tier branded firm when for a fraction of the price you can get the key insights to use in your own business? This report costs $4747 (there is a deep significance for this number) and it will be sent to you via an express courier (we have accommodated requests for soft PDF copy in the past, and can do so in some circumstances). Standard copyright conventions apply. But it is a one-time payment that will cover all future updates to the document as we keep adapting to business trends.

To purchase the special report ‘‘CMOs’ Guide to Using The Business-to-Business Network,’’ please send us an email by clicking here.

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Would you like to know more about the material this report is based on? This TV/Radio interview with the host of THIS WEEK IN AMERICA will give you some more relevant information:

Clearly this report is not even for every CMO. Only you can decide whether this report is for you and whether your company can afford the price. However, know that this report is available only from us, and we reserve the right to sell it only to chosen entities for probity reasons.

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