Every Business Today Lives or Dies by Its Supply Chain

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Only those on Boards of Directors know the heavy burden of Corporate Governance.

Yet, without proper "Supply Chain Governance", all attempts at "Corporate Governance" appear hollow.

S.V. Padmanabhan (Venkat)

President & Global Head of Finance (Products)

OLAM International

I am tempted to give him the nickname "Mr. Supply Chain". 

beyond compliance

This report raises awareness of supply chains' role in corporate governance

Boards have limited worktime together, yet carry a great responsibility. Those who are in a fiduciary position within a company must demonstrate adequate governance at every link of the supply chain. 

Supply chain governance

Give real substance to your Corporate Goverance Protocol. 

question everything

"Groupthink" at top is always perilous. 

unchain your profits

Outdated supply chains are killing traditional corporations in slow manner. 

substantive transformation

Business transformation without supply chain reformatting is merely a window dressing.

unique content, based on real life case-studies, Models, And Frameworks. 

take your time to make an informed decision.

look around on internet. 

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STORY OF this report

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mark aquilina

Chief Operating Officer

Klarrio APAC 

Sydney, Australia

I've had the pleasure of working with Vivek in many contexts over many years and having just finished reading the most recent of his 3 books I felt compelled to share my enthusiasm for this latest endeavour.


CEO - Caprica International,


Vivek Sood is a highly respected thought leader in the field of supply chain management. He has written books and articles to share his vision with current industry professionals and the next generation of logistics leaders. Vivek has successfully implemented innovative supply chain solutions for key multinational customers and continues to evolve with creative value added concepts designed for tangible impact.

bernhard voll

Senior technical expert

SMA sunbelt energy GmbH


Vivek's company, Global Supply Chain Group, created outstanding results in configuring global supply chain where none existed in an industry which is still finding its moorings. While the investments are huge, the responsibility to ensure these are wisely made is even bigger. Thanks to Vivek's team, and its culture of working seamlessly with internal leaders, we successfully ensured our investments were wisely made.


Evolve Board Perspective, Transform Company Results

72 PAGES, 



Part of fiduciary and statutory duties.

Story of Vivek Sood

Today, Vivek and his partners are among 20-30 people on the planet earth who have this deep understanding of supply chain systems, practices and tools. CEOs, COOs, executives and Boards call them in most challenging situations once they know the full potential of supply chain based transformations. Following are key milestones in Vivek's journey:

  • Started in 1983 as a merchant navy cadet at 18 years age, worked his way to qualify as a Captain - qualified to take command of any merchant ship, worldwide.
  • Earned a top tier MBA from UNSW at the top of his class.
  • Joined highly regarded strategy consulting firm Booz Allen & Hamilton, consulting to the CEOs, Boards and senior management of global corporations within Australia.
  • To learn and specialise in supply chain - against all odds, sought out the co-inventor of supply chain in Germany and convinced him to be a partner in his firm, GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN GROUP, launched in January 2000.
  • More than 500 successful blue chip projects with high impact business transformations in large corporations using the full power of SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT.
  • 4 Seminal and path breaking business books IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT - these are available in bookstores and universities and libraries worldwide.


Who is this report meant for?

This report is meant for the boards of directors, and those who are close enough to the board of directors to think at the same level. If you are not closely involved in corporate governance, unfortunately, you will not benefit a lot from buying this report.

Why is it so expensive? What is so unique about this report?

If you are the right person for this report (see question 1 above) then you already know the true worth of this material. In light of that knowledge, your question is really whether this report delivers what it promises.

Though this report is only 70 pages or so, we promise that this material will change your perspective on corporate governance, and supply chain governance. Once that shift happens at the board level, the entire company can transform into a new mode.

As an analogy, think about how a small shift in the rudder (a tiny apparatus) can change the entire course of a massive supertanker.

This report is all about making that tiny shift in your corporate governance - for ensuring survival, and prosperity, of your corporation.

I do not like reading reports - do you also have pre-recorded video courses, or live video seminars on this material?

This material has been presented to, and applauded by, a number of boards of directors in the past 3 years. However, recordings of those sessions are not available for public use. If you want us to run a live video seminar based on this material, subject to sufficient numbers (see the next question) we will run such a course.

How many participants are in each online video live session?

For our live video courses, the minimum number is SIX, and the maximum number of participants in each live video session is TEN. This is to make it worthwhile for everyone. 

Can you deliver a board room presentation of these concepts and their application?

Over the past 3-4 years this material has been presented to a number of board of directors and their direct report. Subject to COVID-19 travel restrictions, we will happy to present this material to your board of directors. Please note that the concepts and their application are not customised for your company, unless agreed in advance.

What benefits will we derive from this report or course?

Your company, and you, will derive benefits proportionate to the how well you absorb, adapt and utilise the material provided in this report. When it comes to corporate and supply chain governance, unfortunately, there are no magic bullets.

Our approach is based on application of design thinking and action orientation towards collaborative effort in a B2B Network setting. Let me put it this way, if this approach does not yield corporate and supply chain governance in your organisation, that probably no other approach is likely to succeed.