Every Business Today Lives or Dies by Its Supply Chain

Live a little Better 

In the context of Supply Chain Management, S&OP is a straightforward concept but it is not an easy one to carry out. Signs that you might have a problem with your S&OP process include:

  • High levels of “SLOB” (SLow moving OBsolete) stock
  •  Frequent changes to your demand plan and master production schedule
  •  Wild proliferation of SKUs (stock-keeping units)
  •  Excessive stock outs
  •  Poor forecast accuracy—or no forecasting at all

This periodic exercise may seem like a redundant activity in many companies where backdoor politics are common. To bring S & OP back to its rightful place in supply chain management, someone needs to raise the red flag first.

The S & OP Toolkit is the next logical step. This tailored program is the bespoke solution for your supply chain management needs. It is designed to ensure that the best knowledge base on Customer Relationship Management as relevant to your business is combined with the best strategic thinking as applied to your supply chain management.

The program will deliver outstanding bottom-line benefits while minimising risks.