how do you benefit from supply chain 3.0 mastery?

Whether you are a small, mid-market or large corporation, whether the economic volatility/growth is high or low – in almost all situations for every company, supply chain 3.0 provides outstanding benefits over and above its predecessors.

Why is it crucial to work towards Supply Chain 3.0?

Because it helps leverage the power of business networks with external partners. In today’s business climate, a company is known by the company it keeps.

Supply chain 3.0 suits everyone

If the impression so far is that supply chain 3.0 is only for larger, more established companies, it could not be more wrong. In fact, supply chain 3.0 is even more useful for smaller companies who can project their strengths and best attributes on a far wider scale using their 5-STAR Business Networks.

By working towards Supply Chain 3.0, you are opening a whole new window of opportunity to create value-driven business networks. Supply Chain 3.0 helps create resilient and responsive businesses, improve your cash position, help you gain speed and smooth out volatility.

In fact, the potential of your company’s capabilities are multiplied many times over, perhaps by a factor of as much as 100 or more, by the leverage effect provided by your supply chain 3.0.

  • Supply Chain winners with supply chain 3.0 mastery reap 80% of market profits
  • You can enjoy 7-20% cost reduction and another 2-10% revenue enhancement
  • You can make better products faster
  • You can release multiple generations of products in a systematic manner
  • You can optimise the profitability of every transaction
  • You can predict accurately how much cash you generate out of each product generation

See why Supply Chain 3.0 matters:

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4 Major area's To Focus To Achieve Sustainability in Supply Chain 

Activity Focus

Functional Focus

Industrial Focus

Topical Focus