A Little bit Extra every time

The Art of Getting a little bit extra From your supply chain

  • Sustainable stamina

  • Controllable Profits

  • Lucrative Careers

  • Delighted Customers

Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction to Green Supply Chain Chapter 2: Impact on bottom line through Green Supply Chains

Part 2: Supply Chain Planning

Chapter 3: Green Supply Chain Planning

Part 3: Green Procurement and Sourcing

Chapter 4: Green Procurement

Part 4: Green Supply Chain Execution

Chapter 5: Green Production Chapter 6: Green Logistics Chapter 7: Green Packaging Chapter 8: Green Marketing Chapter 9: Supply Loops

Part 5: Carbon Management

Chapter 10: Carbon Footprint minimization across the Supply Chain

Part 6: Migration strategy and performance evaluation

Chapter 11: Migration strategy

Part 7: Continuous improvement & performance evaluation

Chapter 12: Green Supply Chain continuous improvement Chapter 13: Green Supply Chain performance evaluation

Part 8: Appendix – Case studies