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Who is Who In The Supply Chain Training Zoo?

We often get this question for two reasons:1. People are trying to peg where our company’s training offering is focused2. People are often overwhelmed by the marketing material of plethora of marketing companies trying to sell supply chain training. It is normal to feel the overwhelm due to the sheer number of options in supply chain

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What is The Best Training in Supply Chain Management?

Training has become the norm for a variety of reasons. But before we go into those, let me first state that on-the-job training is THE BEST way of training any professional in supply chain, provided the trainer is fully vested in the process, is a capable practitioner at the right level, and takes the pain

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How Did We Arrive At This Confusing State of Supply Chain Training?

Confusing state of SCM trainingIf you are confused about the training in SCM, you are not alone. Thousands of people around the world express frustration that some people run a SCM course entirely focused on logistics, while others run a SCM course almost entirely focused on procurement, or warehousing, or 3PL, or inventory.This is not

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Plethora of Courses in SCM – Who are They Suitable For?

From the questions we receive online, and in lectures and speeches, there seems to be some confusion about the plethora of courses and course providers in SCM.In particular, most questions refer to the intended target market of these course providers. In response to these types of questions , we try and distinguish between Business-As-Usual (BAU) roles

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Certificates In Supply Chain Management That Are Widely Acceptable

We get many emails from younger generation asking what kind of certificates in SCM are widely accepted. The intention of the asker is to find that one certificate that will we a ticket to a lucrative job in the SCM field. We attempt to answer this common question below:This is a very tricky question to

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Common Online Courses in Supply Chain Management

A lot has changed over the last 21 years since we started Global Supply Chain Group. There has been a boom of knowledge sharing online – most of it quite positive. Supply chain management itself has gone from being an obscure and esoteric subject to a popular and fast growing discipline.Now we get a lot

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