The new Apple watch (series 4) was just released yesterday, and I was reminded of my previous blog I wrote a few years ago when the first Apple watch was released.

Before I get into what I wrote in that blog, and why I am changing my mind I think you should watch the video promoting the new apple watch:

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What do you think of the new Apple watch?

After Steve Jobs’ death – Apple frequently appears to be just harvesting the fruits in an orchard created by Steve Jobs. I have pointed this out in a previous blog here.

The problem is not that apple did not release any new products. The problem is that the new products have not be of the same calibre as those released while Steve Jobs was alive.

There was a glimmer of hope with Apple Sim, but the half-hearted way in which it was promoted meant it never got anywhere.

That is why the world awaited the release of the first apple watch with bated breath. Was this a product that will finally take Apple to newer heights just as iPhone did in the first part of the previous decade?

Will this make it into a multi-trillion dollar corporation?

Clearly, and in retrospect truly, the answer was no.

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Frankly, I Wanted To Buy It.

Yet, I could not find anything that will make me keep all my other watches away. When Apple launched printers – they were clear about two or three things these printers did which no other printer did as well.

Steve Jobs explains this in one of his videos very well:

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This Was Equally True Of All Other Apple Products That Were Phenomenally Successful.

Itunes allowed people to rip CDs, store music and buy single tracks better than any other product. Ipods allowed listeners the most convenient way of storing a large selection of music.

Iphones allowed the best user interface among smart phones (I used to own the best smart phone before Iphone came along – and it was badddd!).

So, I looked and looked, trying to find those two or three things in the Apple watch that will make all the difference. I am sorry to say that I did not yet find them.

If there is something in there, they have carefully hidden it so far. I will take another look when the Apple watch comes out in the market. What does it have to do with Apple strategy overall?

Well, if Apple does not ‘innovate’ another killer product like those earlier ones, very soon it will lose its shine! So, has anything changed with the new apple watch?

My answer is Yes, and No.

Yes, for me. Let me explain. The built in ECG, if it is reliable enough to indicate a heart under stress – will be valuable for me. I will wait for the verdict on its efficacy before I purchase the watch – but I will keep a keen eye meanwhile.

No, for the younger crowd, or others, who do not need to watch their hearts when they are out and about. If I was in that group I would be still struggling to find that one thing that will make me keep all my other watches away.

Now, if you are hoping that this crowd never bought any other watches before, then think about this – what feature would make them buy a watch in the first place?

Note – I will be writing one new blog everyday for the next 90 days with a view to reducing the writing time to below 30 minutes.

This is akin to my quest to reduce the time for navigation ‘sight calculation’ to below 30 minutes (something I did 30 years ago).

I am doing this to practice and sharpen my writing skills. I need your help in two things:

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1. Suggest topics for new blogs – I keep a running list but eventually I will run out of topics. Use the comments below to suggest some new topics.

2. Constructive criticism -writing does not come naturally to me. If I am getting better, tell me. If I am not getting better, still tell me. Better still, tell me how to make it better. more info on supply chain business refer to our bestseller 

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