Unchain Your Corporation

As executives respond to fundamental shift in global economics and technologies with wave after wave of transformations – today, companies are grappling with massive resistance, skepticism, change fatigue, complexity, and ambiguity.

Every business transformation project is a massive challenge.

  • Many insiders think that their problems are largely intractable and will never be resolved.

They passively accept the eventual decline, or expect a shining knight from outside.

  • Many other insiders think problems will resolve by themselves as they did in the past, and they do not even acknowledge the need for business transformation.

In their mind, these are minor and temporary bumps along the road to perpetual, and continued, market expansion.  They either see no problems, or prefer to ignore them for their own purposes.

  • Even the BIG brand name management consultants, with their cookie-cutter approaches, are largely ineffective.

Corporate folklore is full of stories of jaded executives who got big brands for business transformations and drove the business into the wall.

If you can find a fast and effective path – to get over resistance, overcome change fatigue, process the complexity, clarify ambiguity, and engage the skeptics – you will meet with massive success.

This book is dedicated to finding your first step towards making your business transformation a success.