Unique Competitive Advantage In Supply Chain

Supply chain software companies are not the only ones who encourage the thinking that somehow getting a bunch of off-the-shelf software will put your company in a unique position to earn miraculous margin.

There are many others - vendors of implementation services, reports and vendors of magic quadrants and potions who set a very high expectations.

People miss out on one simple truth - every piece of software is optimised for one ideal situation. In every other situation it is somehow adapted and made to fit.

Further away your business is to that ideal situation, less closely it will fit your business situation.

5 Questions To Ask At Unique Competitive Advantage.

Now sometimes while expanding its applicability the software designers might create a set of options that might give you almost the same level of fit.

Yet, their first ideal customer is the only customer that the software company would ever fall in love with.

For every other customer it is only a matter of using and selling what they already have.

The best advantage you can get out of a software is what that first ideal customer received from it. And, that will happen only if your business is already similar in key critical aspects..

What It's Like Dating Unique Competitive Advantage.

So, if you can only get unique competitive advantage from off the shelf supply chain systems if your business is close enough to their first ideal customer,

then what is the solution to the problem facing almost every company today? How can they get unique competitive advantage using supply chain systems?

The answer seems to lie in another direction.

Look towards inexpensive, plug-and-play open source tool kits that help you create your own pieces of jigsaw puzzle.

Create your own competitive advantage using these and a mix of internal and external teams which help you customise these.

If you do not know how, ask us for help. We will be pleased to get you started on the journey.

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