The Cost Reduction Tip By Doug Hudgeon

Cost Reduction Tip

The Cost Reduction Tips By Doug Hudgeon By Doug Hudgeon The Cost Reduction Tips In this tip I discuss embedding a cost conscious culture where you have a number of comparable operating units. Examples include retail banks or multi-site operations such as a national insurance brokerages, consulting firms, law firms, or logistics providers. Where you […]

Time To Fix The Fixing: Ford To Recall Escape SUVs For The 7th Time

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Car owners are generally not pleased on hearing about manufacturer recall of their vehicles, yet once again, those owning the 2013 Ford Escape SUVs will be affected. U.S. automobile giant Ford is to recall two more types of the popular model worldwide to fix oil and fuel leaks that may increase risks of engine fires, […]

Helping To Keep Sports Barrier-Free

Helping To Keep Sports

Everything You Need To Know About Helping To Keep Sports If there is one thing that could unite the spirits of mankind, amid all the chaos and turmoil in the world, it is sport. Whenever there is a large-scale sporting event, such as the World Cup or the Olympics, people gather, share and watch. Sport […]

Benefits Of Green Supply Chain

Benefits Of Green Supply Chain

Following are some of the key benefits of green supply chains: Positive Impact On Financial Performance Supply Chain Despite ample evidence to the contrary, there persists a myth that going green costs additional expense. Some of the factors responsible for persistence of this myth are inertia, the lack of a systematic approach and an unwillingness […]

Departmental Silos: The Achilles Heel Of Your Supply Chain Company

Supply Chain Company

Supply Chain Company Businesses are gradually being chained by a number of forces so ubiquitous and accepted by all of us, that we fail to notice their impact on businesses, economies, and people. Today, most organizations become veritable bureaucracies as they grow bigger. Every person sits inside his/her own department and is very careful about […]

Are You Making What You Are Worth

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One of my posts on LinkedIn sparked a lot of interest and a healthy debate. I am not sure about the reason for interest but seems like people agree with the above statement, as well as its reverse: The person who does less than s/he is paid for, will soon be paid less that s/he […]

The Universe Of Workology

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The Universe Of Workology I cannot claim to know everything in the universe of workology. But after starting work at the age of 17 and worked almost continuously (barring a few short breaks for full time studies), for the last 34 years I do have a perspective. And, I do not hesitate to share it […]

Even Bigger Troubles With Big Data in Supply Chain

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Troubles in big data are starting to emerge. Big Data in Supply Chain I have written about these earlier and warned the clients to first make sure their small data is working as intended before jumping into big data. If you cannot control your small data, your ERP system, your EIS or your cloud then […]

Amazon Shipping Items Before You Order It: Creepy Or Savvy?

Amazon Shipping Items

How Amazon Shipping Can Ease Your Pain After delivery drones, Amazon has created yet another news sensation! This time with predictive shipping and patenting it. In this article, Cathy Morrow Robertson describes Amazon’s latest leap: “Based on previous orders, product searches, wish lists, shopping cart contents and other online customer experiences, Amazon has received a […]